Coolest Cars

  • 1997 TVR Cerbera

    Offered for sale is a 4.2L 1997 TVR Cerbera manual. Coming with an extensive history…… Move On

Get Out

  • Tomcar Fun

    The Tomcar TE4 looks just about ready for any venture you and I may have…… Move On


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SW1 Solar 3-Hand Dark Brown Leather Watch

The One Eleven SW1 Solar 3-Hand dark brown leather watch gets charged from natural or artificial light so you can always tell the time on the go. The band is made up of rich chocolate brown genuine leather with hand tied rope on each end to richen the watch bands look and feel around your wrist.



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A love for style is what I do have, tolerance for evil isn’t what I waste my time on. I found these sneakers to add to our Fresh category while once a lady friend of mine Kelly had contacted me using harassing awful words I really didn’t care to hear. I wish I had a pair of these Diesel shoes to rock tomorrow to show good faith for her red devilish words that came from her mouth and bounced off of my ears. I put God first in all that I do and intend to wear Diesel shoes with God in mind. $125.00 and you’ll be kicking the devil’s ass throughout your war room. Kelly, no weapon formed against me shall prosper.


Cool Guy Gadgets

Shinola Detroit

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Modern Design

Rugged Design

  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-14.jpg
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Custom Leather Helmet Design

Custom leather helmet design by Larson Upholstery – Bell Bullitt Custom Helmet – Young Brodies, I’m not the Leather Upholstery guys, so I can’t provide you the information on pricing. Please message them through the contact provided below.



Another amazing design by Joey Ruiter

Gram Exhibition Final Inner City Bike

Joey Ruiter designs can be captured a mile away, they’re those conceptions that have you gawk at them in wonder, like wow!. Joey Ruiter Gram Exhibition Final inner city bike below received 100 Instagram likes when posted this exact design on our Instagram page. People just find his designs wondrous, he’s filled with innovative ideas, a designer that enjoys what he does and doesn’t allow his passion to defeat his purpose, which is to be the Joey Ruiter you and I love to see more of. Joey Ruiter Follows SPLURJJ on Instagram so be sure to check out his page when you check out our Instagram page, the very next time you stop by and say what’s up!






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