Another amazing design by Joey Ruiter

Gram Exhibition Final Inner City Bike

Joey Ruiter designs can be captured a mile away, they’re those conceptions that have you gawk at them in wonder, like wow!. Joey Ruiter Gram Exhibition Final inner city bike below received 100 Instagram likes when posted this exact design on our Instagram page. People just find his designs wondrous, he’s filled with innovative ideas, a designer that enjoys what he does and doesn’t allow his passion to defeat his purpose, which is to be the Joey Ruiter you and I love to see more of. Joey Ruiter Follows SPLURJJ on Instagram so be sure to check out his page when you check out our Instagram page, the very next time you stop by and say what’s up!







  • A creative, innovative tech savvy fashionable eye entrepreneur with ambition and an incredible work ethic. You don't get to the top cause you want it, you get there because you're determined.


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