They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did

My wife bought me this wooden decoration for a wall of some sort that contained this quote verbatim. At the time we weren’t even speaking to be real with you. She told me when she saw the decorative art, she thought of me that instant. My entire life I had characters tell me I wouldn’t make shit of myself, can’t even call ’em friends, associates or family – cause any family, friend you associate with, that speak of you in such dimmed light, you need to not have them as any type of confidante. I needed to take a moment out of my day and write to you some of the most real shit I’ve ever written.

We all have these characters around us and let me be the first to tell you this, that they belong there, it’s their job, they applied for that shit. Don’t stop them from rooting you on, because that’s what it did for me, root me on. These foes invested in trying to use so much hate on me diurnally to stall my growth, the more I invested in taking their hate and using it to push myself further, harder to become unstoppable alongside the Lord. When you have these characters around you, remember you are blessed. They actually are threatened, intimidated by you because they see your gifts and if you would step back a minute and take a bow, you’d see how great you were as well. So, from now on anyone that tells you, you can’t. You tell them you will and you must.



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