Black Women Reclaim Your Power

I recently read an article on titled Jesse Williams, Jay-Z, Umar Johnson and the Allure of White Women written by Michael Harriot. My question to my sisters would be, Black Women, have you thrown in the sponge, thrown in the towel and given your power away? If you haven’t heard this idiocy statement by now, of a White woman being the prize for a Black Man, that’s good if it has not yet transformed you harshly.

For those allowing that comment to rob you of your mental strength, reclaim your power. This comment has affected a lot of Black Women, to where I’m seeing you, the Black Woman to feel inferior to the White Woman. This country has defined our people negatively for centuries and you are starting to believe this folly from a country who told you, we were worthless humans, C’mon. I’ve never believed that a white woman was a graduation present or a lifetime achievement award for me or any Black Man, that’s nothing but blather.

I can be honest and say I’ve found many shades of women attractive but never just because of the color of their skin. So many aspects have to fall into position when you’re looking at what’s attractive to you at that time and what’s happening in your life. For example, you could be going through a terrible breakup and the person that has hurt you has a big booty, long weaved hair, and pretty lips.

So what does your mind  tell you? That everything that looks like him/her is wicked and to stay plenty feet away from it. It’s all in our minds especially when it comes to dating. So if it’s a brother or a sister, we’ll look in the other direction for someone that doesn’t fit that description – they’ll hurt me – and bam! you fall into the arms of a White Man or White Woman easily.

Just think whenever you’ve been desperate you’ve found yourself in some really vulnerable situations, sometimes stuck like a rock in a harder place you started off originally. Black Women, I would like to articulate for most Black Men who’ve been in rancorous relationships with you. Black Men never left you because the White Woman had been a premium possession for the Black Man to gain. The notion that rich, prosperous leading Black Men eventually exchange Black Women for White Women is just anarchy. It’s not a valid statement by any means.

Success can be a very vulnerable and weak place for some. You’re not really sure who to esteem, especially when the people that you love the most are the very same ones giving you the most grief at the time of you dealing with the pressure from your success. You just want to run far away, but what actually happens to the once a strong Black Man, he then becomes a weakened Black Man that runs into the open arms of a remedial White Woman.

I’m only using the term White Woman because it happens to be the topic of my article but it can be a Yellow Woman who is there with open arms, who listens, makes him feel like everything he did was correct even if she knows he were wrong, but she just never judged him. How would you feel after? Exactly like this person is there for you, when in truth, really they’re there for themselves but you can’t possibly see that, cause it’s exactly what was needed for you at the time.

So to impute a group of skin color, I’d say you’re giving your power away. Honestly look at the situation and maybe there is something you could do or have done differently to help the success of your relationship. It could have been any shade of woman your man ran away with. If he’s successful, one of the reasons why it’s a White Woman, happens to be because they’re are so many more successful White Women than Black Women that drive themselves to be in the same areas as successful men, men of color and men who have no damn color. Successful Black Men adapt to their environments and the Becky’s are who happen to be closest by. Or, did you ever think, that perhaps your man just likes White Women? Nothing to be angry about but something to learn from.

Food for thought.







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