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Coodo Mobile Condo

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Have you ever wanted to experience the life you have just somewhere else? I’ve operated in remote environments that are in the heart of nowhere, no other habitation nearby and the people are difficult to find cause you’re sequestered. Coodo does just that with their mobile habitat that you can place damn near anywhere on earth to find your escape. No need to book a hotel that isn’t located on a deserted island, just purchase the land and place down your Coodo where’d you like it to be and call it your hotel away from home.

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Floyd DIY Platform Bed Frame For Less

This Floyd frame kit comes with few legs and supports which can turn few pieces of 1.5′ wooden panels or any other similar flat surface into a table which can simple be your favorite queen or king size bed just by placing the mattress on that. The Floyd Utility Set are heavy and sturdy enough to jump on, stylish enough to be a great alternative to something three or four times the cost and even includes a DIY element if you want to select your own wood platform. The Floyd bed frame is an easy do it yourself in minutes platform bed frame that’s light weight and cost efficient.


18 Cool Items For A Man and His Home

We’re bringing you 18 of the coolest items for a man and his home. Starting out with this sectional couch which lots of bachelors rarely house but if you did this would be the perfect piece to incorporate into your study. The vig furniture kuka modern two toned leather sectional sofa, reminds me of the interior of the all new 2016 Ford Mustang.


Next piece we’d like to offer you gentleman is the Daniel Wellington time piece that will standout on any blue collar day.


Item number 3 on today’s list is Atwood Lounge Muskoka surf for a whopping $1200


Exact same as our featured image is Lynk closet adjustable over the door hook for your towels, after work shirts or women’s lingerie after an extreme night of sex, she showers I hope.


Men love to read but we would like to get to the punch line, so here we are. The remainder of the 18 Coolest Items For A Man and His Home.






The following piece is a piece I’d cop, just because it looks like it’s been around for awhile. We all liked aged fine wines and women with proper English we can dine.


Not sure on what size television you have, purchasing or want. Do keep this in mind it holds a seventy inch television with no problem.



Trust you delighted in review what we found and could open up your creative ability, for next buy, room thought or only an unquestionable requirement have thing.


Thanks goes to Viyet Luxury Furniture

Top 10 Amazing Showers

We all love a nice hot shower, so why not go as far as shooting for the stars to take one. Your environment to take a shower is as important as to where you rest your head at night. Showers were made to relax you, cleanse your soul and conscience.

About 343 Willoughby Way, Aspen, Colorado

An unparalleled and exquisite contemporary home on Willoughby Way – Aspen’s premier address! Perched above the road with direct views of Aspen Mountain, this property has one of the most envious locations on the street. The sweeping panorama from Independence Pass to Mt. Sopris provides light and scenery from every part of the home. The exterior and interiors exemplify the highest level of craftsmanship and design. The Spanish stone was precision cut and installed by the best of masons, while Epay wood was used for accents and all of the doors and walls were designed to float at their top and bottom. Boasting over 9,600 square feet of living area, this gem includes a stunning master suite, four generous en suite guest bedrooms, 6.5 baths, gourmet kitchen, office with fireplace, spa-like massage room with Hammam steam room, 2000 bottle wine storage, media room, exercise room, hot tub, and three car garage. In addition to state of the art lighting and electronics, the dining room opens onto an outdoor patio (with fireplace) via a disappearing glass wall to bring the outdoors in. The property is finished off with a sun-filled pool and spa area to enjoy the ultimate privacy or host the year’s best party!

Was $42,500,000

Now $40,000,000


343 Willoughby Way Aspen, Colorado, United States – Luxury Home For Sale 2016-08-19 01-42-43

splurjj_2_343 Willoughby Way Aspen, Colorado, United States – Luxury Home For Sale 2016-08-19 02-02-03

House No. 7 by DENIZEN WORKS

House No.7 sits on the delightful Island of Tiree, the western-a large portion of the inward Hebrides, with perspectives out over the machair, the ocean and the islands past. Considered as a Living House, for the customers to use consistently, a Guest House; containing three rooms and related settlement; and the Utility; containing genuinely necessary welly stockpiling and space for the essential impacts required for island life.

The design is described by a blend of both a customary dark house and horticultural steadings all incorporated into the scene.


Photos courtesy of David Barbour

“We love that yellow door”.



House No.7 has won numerous awards including Grand Designs Home of the Year and the Stephen Lawrence Prize.

House XL by SoNo Arhitekti


Family Villa XL is situated on the edges of another local location and it is intended for a vast group of seven. Region is commanded by run of the mill Slovenian urban/rustic scene, that is the reason the configuration rewords the encompassing run of the mill engineering components . The house is adroitly shaped from two commonly parallel volumes and one interfacing volume, which is set oppositely to the next two. Every one of the volumes are stretched with symmetrical peak rooftops. Most limited volume is reached out into a roofed garage.

While the storm cellar level is developed with fortified steel the upper floors comprise altogether of cross-covered timber components.

Floor arrangements are extensive and sorted out in three levels. Living range, encased with extensive glass surfaces opens to the chamber keeping up the streaming correspondence between the house inside and encompassing nature.

Veneer is created with extensive organization boards – the association volume in lighter and the other two in darker hues. Bigger glass surfaces are moved inwards and joined with wood cladding. Set over them is an example of vertical restricted wooden components that all the while work likewise as sunscreens.

SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow

Price: $299

SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow1

The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow will make you feel like you’re floating on water, if not on cloud nine. As a matter of fact, it makes for a great pool float on which you can laze around and snooze as happy as a hippo wallowing in a pond in the African Savannah. You can just as well use it to lounge around and soak in the sun poolside or up on a sun deck or terrace. It’s also perfect for couples who want to frolic together because it’s buoyant enough to stay afloat with two people. The SoFloat Cloud Nine Pillow is entirely weather resistant, which means you can keep it outdoors in the hot sun or when it’s raining, and it’ll cause no wear and tear or damage to the pillow.

Lamp Mygdal by Nui Studio

Price: $TBA

Lamp Mygdal by Nui Studio 02

Introducing the Lamp Mygdal by Nui Studio which combines the beauty of both technology and nature for a stunning centerpiece. Available as a pendant lamp and a standing lamp in two sizes, the Lamp Mygdal houses a plant inside an autonomous ecosystem so that it grows in your home even without windows. The standing lamp version of the Lamp Mygdal is equipped with an electrically conductive glass coating to conceal the power connection. What is left is a photosynthesizing plant and an LED light working in conjunction to bring the ideal marriage of form and function to your home. Perfect for anyone with a love for nature or those without a green thumb, the Lamp Mygdal features a mouth blown and hand finished glass bulb.

Lujo Living Free-Standing Double Hammock With Stand

Price: $2590

Lujo Living Free Standing Double Hammock with Stand 01

Max and relax in the great outdoors with the Lujo Living Free-Standing Double Hammock with Stand. Designed with enough space for two, this hammock is made out of Sunbrella Marine fabric that is Scotchguarded and water repellent to retain its durability and color for years to come. The Lujo Living Double Hammock is cradled by the included stand and held in place with ultra strong marine-grade polyester braided ropes. The ropes also resist color fading, stretching, and rotting with a 700-kilogram breaking strain. The Lujo Living Double Hammock stand and bars are made from ultra durable hardwood and have been expertly treated for outdoor use. Perfect for any backyard, this is the perfect hammock for a cuddle in the sun or under the stars.

Condesa Lounge Chair by OK Design

Price: $544

Condesa Lounge Chair 01

Take a load off in the comfortable Condesa Lounge Chair by OK Design. Named after a Mexico City neighborhood, this chair is cute yet durable to be used both indoors and outside. Inspired by its namesake, a place where movie stars and poets would spend their days, the Condesa Lounge Chair promotes the ultimate relaxation in any neighborhood. The frame is made with solid steel and is finished with a black matte powder coating. Woven around the big circular frame is soft ye durable recycled PVC cord. The Condesa Lounge Chair features a unique shape thanks to the weaving pattern, creating a conical chair that not only cradles you but welcomes you to sit down. The Condesa is available in Black, Light Grey, Pigeon Blue, Dusty Pink, and Sea Green.

Cyrcus Lavagna Pendant Light

Price: $458

Cyrcus Lavagna Pendant Light 01

Release some creative energy at the flick of a switch with the Cyrcus Lavagna Pendant Light. Hanging prominently from the ceiling, this pendent lamp features a multipurpose exterior. Coming in all black, the exterior can be used to write, draw, scribble, and jot as it’s just like a real chalkboard. The black exterior also helps to give the Cyrcus Lavagna Light a warm yet modern look while also serving its dual purpose as a canvas for your creativity. The Cyrcus Lavagna Light comes in your choice of interior lamp color from white, red, turquoise, orange, gold, bronze, silver, magenta, or blue. With this amount of selection, this pendant light will finish the décor of any space. All made to order, the Cyrcus Lavagna Pendant Light is made with laprene, nylon, nebulite, and blackboard resin.

Chambong – Enhanced Champagne Consumption Glass

Price: $40

Chambong 03

The Chambong pronounced “sham-bong,” is a delicately unique way to enhance your champagne and sparkling wine consumption experience. Made of borosilicate glass, the Chambong will be the talking point of any dinner party. Arriving in deluxe, limited edition packaging, the Chambong holds up to four ounces of your favorite beverages. This distinctive glass is designed to be held at a slight angle to avoid spillage and is also dishwasher safe. In a clever twist, you drink Champagne from the stem of the glass as opposed to the presumed opening. The tubed stem can also be used to hold circular foods such as a doughnut or bagel. The Chambong is a great gift for the person that has everything and is an excellent way to bring fancy to a whole new level.

Winebreather Carafe Deluxe by MENU

Price: $79.95

Winebreather Carafe Deluxe by MENU 01

Allow your wine to aerate for exceptional flavor with the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe by MENU. To use this system, simply pour in your favourite bottle of wine. The Winebreather Carafe Deluxe is equipped with a special cap that allows the bottle to stand completely upside down as it pours hands-free. The incredible design of the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe adds up to 10 times more oxygen to the wine in just 2 minutes so it can be consumed with the intended flavors. Just take the bottle down and flip the special cap to pour mode to serve or you can leave the bottle in place to return the wine to the bottle before bringing it to the table. With the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe, you can enjoy your wine as it was meant to taste in only two minutes.

Wine Squirrel – The Decanter That Preserves Wine for Weeks

Price: $65

Wine Squirrel 01

Do you enjoy a glass of smooth red or white wine after a long day? You’re not alone. A glass of wine with dinner or before bed has been proven to provide the body with many health benefits. However, you can’t just have a glass or two without worrying about wasting the rest of the bottle. That is why we created Wine Squirrel- a decanter that preserves a glass, or an entire bottle of wine, for weeks at a time- without losing its flavor. The key to the effectiveness of Wine Squirrel is the unique sealing mechanism. This mechanism provides an airtight seal whether you are preserving one glass or most of the bottle. The seal is so effective that you can even store the decanter horizontally or flip it upside down without spilling a drop! Wine Squirrel keeps your wine tasting great, even weeks later. Wine Squirrel is the perfect accessory for the nights you want to have just one glass of wine with dinner or to taste-test multiple wines. With Wine Squirrel, you no longer have to feel like you need to finish the entire bottle to prevent wasting perfectly good wine.

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Price: $1499

iSommelier Smart Decanter

Enhance the taste of your wine instantly with the iSommelier Smart Decanter. This clever device is able to aerate your wine with highly concentrated purified oxygen to give your wine flavors previously only attainable through years of cellar aging. By filtering out any ambient impurities, the iSommelier improves your bottle of wine in just minutes. The super smart base has a digital screen to show you information such as the name of the wine, vintage, and a progress bar. The iSommelier also has a touchscreen panel to let you program and calibrate the settings to your exact taste and save your preferences for future bottles of wine. Enhance your wine without the price tag with the iSommelier Smart Decanter.

Aervana – Electric Wine Aerator

Price: $99.98

Aervana 02

Aervana is the original push-button, electric wine aerator. Now, with Aervana, all it takes is one finger and the push of a button for perfectly aerated wine delivered straight to your glass. Instant aeration gives you the freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, both quickly and easily. Now you can experience the enhanced flavors and aromas of properly aerated wine, instantly and mess-free. Aervana allows your wine to open-up, demonstrating the craftsmanship and perfection the winemaker puts into each bottle. Plus, it’s the only aerator designed to keep sediment in the bottom of the bottle, instead of your glass.

Deglon Knives – High Quality Knives With A Solid Reputation

Price: $320

Deglon Knives 01

These set of Deglon knives are unique enough to be a part of the modern world of professional cutlery. Seeking to bring to the tools that are practical, reliable and durable for the catering trade, Déglon’s priority is to meet the expectations of its customers pro. The beauty of these knives lie in their space saving design. Different sizes are designed in a way such that they can be stored one in between another, thus saving a lot of kitchen storage space that way. You can choose to get the knives either with stainless steel, oak or teflon support for storage. They come in a set of two, three and four with a special steak set for those who simply live on steaks every day. Get on with the professional cutlery spirit at home soon!

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