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Breac House

Located on a little cliff where the land joins the sea, the Breac House is a lyric to its Irish origins. Individually the rooms are filled with custom-crafted king beds dressed in pure Irish wool duvets and hand-woven Donegal tweed throws. Oak-cased windows fitted by local joiners frame in views of the surrounding landscape, while a private terrace immerses you in it. Breakfast is served in bed through a private hatch and features a mix of homemade items and local produce. The house has a library, lounge, and garden for some laid back entertainment or a number of beaches, lakes, and mountains are just a bike ride away.


Denver’s Halcyon Hotel

Situated within Denver’s premiere Cheery Creek North neighborhood, the Halcyon Hotel offers Airbnb accommodations with five-star amenities. Check-in begins at the Kitchen Counter which also doubles as a cafe and wine bar serving hand-crafted espressos and baked goods. Their 154 rooms break traditional molds and take a more homey approach with couch’s, Nespresso brewing systems, curated art, and terraces with views of the skyline. Aside from the usual hotel amenities like a rooftop pool, wifi, and a 24-hour fitness center, Halcyon raises the bar up a few notches by including local Range Rover transportation, personal styling consultations, and access to their Gear Garage — an adventure concierge that lends out Piaggio scooters, New Belgium cruiser bikes, Leica cameras, and Go Pros.


Perimeter Park Hilton

Later nights turn into later mornings

Spending an intact day with your children has you excited, leaves you exhausted, and not willing to wake up early. I’d have to say if you’re visiting Birmingham for any occasion, business trip or pleasure, you better be packing your overnight leather duffel for your stay at the Hilton in Perimeter Park, which is exactly down the street from the Summit shops. This space for any guy is the spot to be chilling at when you do get to savor some downtime, untwist and get on the elevator to head up to the 7th-floor lounge. The location sits on top a hill so you’re looking down to street level, nestled behind the trees, across the lot from Perry’s – a fine steak and seafood restaurant, this is the perfect hotel to call your residence for the weekend.

Before even arriving I had booked and selected the floor and room I wanted to sleep on through HHonors, requested a digital key, arrived after midnight, walked pass the front desk didn’t have to wait on an elevator and escaped to the floor my room was on and opened my iPhone’s HHonors app in front of the door of my room and voila I’m inside with ease. Couldn’t get any easier, be any more convenient cause the only thing left for me to do was to kick off my shoes and relax my feet and lay my head on my pillow and just relax until I fell asleep.


Park Hyatt Riyadh

If you’re wondering where is Riyadh, it’s a city in Saudi Arabia. The hotel is located on King Fahad Road in the heart of Riyadh’s marketing district, this five-star hotel covers 280 guest rooms, spas, a ballroom, and conference facilities.

The building’s bizarre form allows for views to the marketing district and the surrounding desert while providing an iconic element to the city’s horizon. At approximately 130 meters, the Park Hyatt Riyadh hotel will be one of the tallest buildings in the city.



Open 365 days a year, the ICEHOTEL has lots to offer to you the guest. Warm rooms are designed as well to bring normalcy into your picture if you ever felt a chill for sleeping on an ice bed.

Started out as museum named the Artic Hall, for their crystal-like ice sculptures designed by the Japanese. Facts

Wishful Thinking

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Bougie Hotel Zaza Dallas


Dining with a celebrity


bathroom angle


bathroom angle













Hotel Zaza located in Uptown Dallas or Upscale Dallas some would call it. It has a spectacular look inside and outside, regardless of the angle you’re viewing its appearance. For those of us that love loft style apartments. Hotel Zaza has a loft overhead the hotel structure. A very clean and sharp looking resort/hotel in downtown Dallas.


This weeks strong five by Splurjj

We give you this weeks strong Five.What’s strong five? It’s our 5 images taken from a post, website, magazine or photos taken by our photographers that will catch your attention. We don’t write much, we want you to imagine what you wish.

An Abandoned Inn Becomes an Eco-Conscious Hotel in Iceland

Destination-ION-Adventure-Hotel-1 Destination-ION-Adventure-Hotel-2 Destination-ION-Adventure-Hotel-3 Destination-ION-Adventure-Hotel-4 Destination-ION-Adventure-Hotel-7

Hotel On The Water

These floating house boat hotels are perfect for an intimate geyaway. Design your lifestyle, do not wait any longer. Salt & Water studio focused on being innovative and giving low impact tourism on island waters.
Checkout pics below to see what they offer.





She’s That Girl.

Ladies Day
Hanging out with girls is important for any woman. These moments allow her to reflect on love, relationships and sometimes just relax to clear her mind
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Crown Plaza Albuquerque

Finding the right place away from the place you call home, is always a challenge. Never ever settle for nothing but the best. Reason being, you’ll resent and regret what you settled for. Remove impossible go far beyond to reach greater heights. A hotel should be like a woman…Interesting and sexy.

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