Perimeter Park Hilton

Later nights turn into later mornings Spending an intact day with your children has you excited, leaves you exhausted, and not willing to wake up early. I’d have to say if you’re visiting Birmingham for any occasion, business trip or pleasure, you better be packing your overnight leather duffel for your stay at the Hilton […]

Park Hyatt Riyadh

If you’re wondering where is Riyadh, it’s a city in Saudi Arabia. The hotel is located on King Fahad Road in the heart of Riyadh’s marketing district, this five-star hotel covers 280 guest rooms, spas, a ballroom, and conference facilities. The building’s bizarre form allows for views to the marketing district and the surrounding desert […]


Open 365 days a year, the ICEHOTEL has lots to offer to you the guest. Warm rooms are designed as well to bring normalcy into your picture if you ever felt a chill for sleeping on an ice bed. Started out as museum named the Artic Hall, for their crystal-like ice sculptures designed by the […]

Bougie Hotel Zaza Dallas

Dining with a celebrity bathroom angle bathroom angle hall bedroom   bathroom Loft Lobby Hotel Zaza located in Uptown Dallas or Upscale Dallas some would call it. It has a spectacular look inside and outside, regardless of the angle you’re viewing its appearance. For those of us that love loft style apartments. Hotel Zaza has […]