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Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas designs Urban Cabin

Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas designs Urban Cabin


Seldom we feel like we have nothing when we have no capital to back our projects, but we do, we have our talents, skills, and determination to be the creative genius. Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas proves that talent meshed with hard work produces greatness with his Urban Cabin he built beneath the energetic city bridge of Valencia. Abellanas, who designs furniture and lighting under the studio name Lebrel, formed the tiny timber- and metal-framed cabin in a matter of two weeks.

By designing a set of wheels that allow the studio to be moved using only a hand crank along the preexisting concrete columns of the bridge, Abellanas is able to move the studio as he wishes.

Abellanas is able to hide from the hectic city pace without having to hide away somewhere nestled deep in the forest for peace.




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