Black Women Reclaim Your Power

I recently read an article on titled Jesse Williams, Jay-Z, Umar Johnson and the Allure of White Women written by Michael Harriot. My question to my sisters would be, Black Women, have you thrown in the sponge, thrown in the towel and given your power away? If you haven’t heard this idiocy statement by […]

Take the World but Give me Jesus

In the world alongside a generation that tells lies and says they’re truths, wear tattoos to proclaim loyalty and isolated the use of love to simply a quote, we should demand more than only the world now. We as a society of men are insufficient. We accept less from ourselves and that’s what we end […]

Make The Connection Vol. 02

I know a lot of you men are mislaid when it approaches to making the opening connection among you and the opposing sex. Buy why? Why are we of the stronger sex of the two sexes so weak to the expectations of what the female requires from us? I’ll tell you exactly why we’re so […]

What Chipotle They Do This At?

Recently a friend of mine was on break for lunch and had a run in with two mutha fuckers dressed in beach wear at the local Chipotle in town. Just in case you’re wondering where exactly local is for my friend and this incident, he resides in Dallas, TX.  In my days good ol decency […]

Make the Connection Vol. 01 Confidence

Confidence /ˈkänfədəns/ a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. Confidence! okay let’s get this shit lighted. It’s what makes you desiring to a woman when she first notices your ass believe or not. Guys it’s not your fucking car that you spend most of the day washing precisely […]

She Prefers You To Be Upfront

Fellas, I’d like to take a second today and pinpoint what most women expect from you as a man. She prefers you to be upfront and truthful early on, you don’t want problems in the very beginning when you’re getting to know her, besides it’s that vital time of learning new great things about each […]

Take The Life Boat

Ever found yourself being that someone who complains, stresses about everything finds no light in the good in their life. Well, that was me about 10 years ago until I decided to jump ship and take the lifeboat over the huge cruise ship that came with so many distractions. With the lifeboat, I needed to […]