We Are Barack Obama

I’m sure all people will remember this moment in history, where we’ve all witnessed a black educated brave man run the country and did such a noble job. This isn’t a time for blacks to unite or whites to go astray. What we’ve witnessed was, once our leader of this country Martin Luther King Jr. […]

35 Guys Reveal

@_saraheiseman_ / Twenty20.com/a> Found on AskReddit. 1. Women who look like they hate me. “Women who look like they hate me. Like, obviously I don’t want them to actually hate me, but resting bitch face just does it for me.” —Swampfyr 2. Bags under a girl’s eyes. “Bags under a girl’s eyes. I had a huge […]

Vegan AJ Anderson Loves Meat

Believe it or not, fellas just because AJ Anderson is a super sexy model doesn’t mean she pitches for the other team. AJ Anderson is a free spirit with morals and boundaries. In this era, it’s really hard to find a woman that isn’t into the same-sex species. I know a lot of men that […]

Become Miriam Franco

When I initially chose to relaunch Splurjj in February since it’s unique set up date of June 2005, Splurjj was propelled amid the same time Uncrate men’s website was established. I at first began with an Instagram account to showcase a portion of the coolest engineering, autos and apparatus for men. Miriam Franco had been […]

Everyone has a different beauty

Everyone has a different beauty is a black and white performative, expository documentary that speaks directly to the viewer. Contains graphic language. Story line is based off of real events, true encounters, life’s most touching issues with strong content that is the films own personal story presented by SPLURJJ. Web: http://www.splurjj.com Mag: http://tinyurl.com/za9t2gn Email: splurjj@gmail.com […]

A moment with Derek Nice

From rapper to DJ turned photographer. Mr. Derek Nice is a jack of all trades. Some may argue and say a master of none. Mr. Nice has found a way to do all equally yoked and remain balanced. This guy was a true #hiphop Manhattaner in the late 80s. Some would tease me and say […]