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Nike is releasing a John Mayer sneaker

Not only are athletes having shoes designed for them but musicians are having shoes designed after them as well. We know Kanye West designed an Adidas shoe after first going to Nike and being rejected. Now the bad boy guitarist John Mayer is releasing a Nike shoe, supposedly coming out at the end of July 2017. Mayer’s design seems to be a self-design of the NikeiD Custom Shoes.


What people expect from Serena Williams return to the Game

With the gifted Tennis star out of the game on maternity leave, Serena Williams must stay active to keep up with her extravagant lifestyle. Serena recently posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair, which is a remarkable shot I must state. Serena Williams and her fiance Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the website Reddit are expecting pretty soon but on my mind, I’m wondering will her return be stronger when she steps foot back onto the court than when she departed.

When I proposed the inquest “What do you expect from Serena Williams and Tennis after she drops birth?” Here’s what some of the peeps had to say.

Serena will be back. She will train very hard to get back in shape. When she plays her first tournament she will be ready. She may even lose early because of lack of match play but after a few matches and a few tournaments, she will be right back at it. I do expect her to win a few more Grand Slams and I believe she will get back to number 1. She is far and away better than the field so she can be at the top for a few more years, even after giving birth. Her main competition will probably be Viktoria Azarenka who is another Mom that took time off to have a baby.

Walter Giacometti

Another tennis player had this to say, which is pretty much the same. So it’s agreed she will have a strong comeback. 

 I think her first few matches/tournaments back will be rough (if she comes back) but after that (again a maybe) she will most likely be almost the same than before pregnancy. She has the will and motivation to make it back to the top if she wants to. This all depends on how much her dedication weighs against her dedication to her kid. Tennis players stay a hell of a lot of time away from home so she may not participate in as many events as before so she can spend more time with her kid and see her (I think) grow up. It’s one of those things you regret not seeing years later and they are all grown up. Best of luck to her in whatever path she chooses though no matter what.
If you like to hear more about the Venus story following Serena Williams and her fiance Alexis Ohanian, the Reddit guru. Click the link at the bottom of this post on your left-hand side.


Rent Where You Live – Own What You Can Rent

Rent Where You Live -Own What You Can Rent

Grant Cordone talks about how renting where you live is smarter than owning your home where you live. He suggest you build passive income that pays for your rental properties you live in. Grant Cardone is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer.


If it’s not working out ride off?

Yes… giving up on something or someone is so much smoother than standing up to it, facing the pain that comes with it, and exit stage left cause it got too damn hard for you. You only gain a reward from toughing it out, with that something or someone for the term of the course associated with it.

We are responsive to leave situations once we sense that someone or something is tugging us in the direction we really don’t agree to. When we make an arrangement with ourselves we have committed to an agreement. You have yet to realize that theirs distress no matter which route you turn.

Life is very hard but compared to what, some may ask. Ask yourself this question, right before you’re about to quit. Did you absolutely solidly, invest all you had from your gut? If no, hold on, nobody moves nobody gets hurt. Try a different approach to it, you still have so much more fight in you to make a success out of the situation.

8 Pillars For A Better Lifestyle

8 Pillars For A Better Lifestyle

Here at SPLURJJ standing for something is everything, either you’ll stand for something or nothing and by standing for nothing you’ve easily excluded yourself from the people who have. What do I mean by the people who have? The people who have what, Sharif! Those people you see that don’t just look happy but speak happiness out of their own mouths into your ears that resonate with your heart and mind, you’re missing something in your life is what their words ignite.

At that moment you find out you’ve been dodging everything that’s going to lead you to victory, that might have, lead you to accel in life, to benefit from your own hard work that you’ve been dodging for the last 10 years because of something that scarred you and left you shaking in your boots every since. I suggest you find a way to add these pillars into your life to give it style.

God – Learn that with God and the proper mindset everything is possible
Happiness – Find what makes you happy and go get it
Stress-Free – Remove yourself from stressful environments that subtract from you
Kindness – Be kind to others around you
Honesty – Be honest with yourself
Loyalty – Be loyal to your brand
Trust – Trust your impulse
Self Preservation – Taking care of yourself before anyone else



February’s Black History Month and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Visit

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This weekend’s visit happened to be a majestic moment for all those traveling amidst me over the preceding weekend. With no destination in mind for what most of us would call a normal Sunday drive plainly to people watch, sight-see and visited new landmarks we discovered throughout this methodical Sunday outing, I stop to dock at the 16th Street Baptist church located in Birmingham, Alabama neighboring the downtown civic center.

The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was an act of white supremacist terrorism which occurred at the African-American 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama on Sunday, September 15, 1963, when four members of the Ku Klux Klan planted at least 15 sticks of dynamite attached to a timing device beneath the front steps of the church. Described by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as “one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity”,[4] the explosion at the church killed four girls and injured 22 others. [Source]

The surrounding streets in the neighborhood of the 16th Street Baptist Church are level, congested with wandering and brazen individuals who solicit the tourist Sunday midday for cash. How’d I know? I had been one of the sacrifices, giving out five dollars of my family’s lunch-time funds to a local chap just so he can get himself something to eat from a social chow spot in the city. Across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church sat the Birmingham Civil Rights Institue that I had never been to… and I have lived in Birmingham at a point and time in my life.  I asked my wife and daughters did they want to go in, “Do you guys want to go in?” Yes! they replied,

“Do you guys want to go in?”

so along we walked towards the front entrance and found on Sundays the museum is free to the public with exception to small to no donations if any. Inside this magnanimous museum, you walk inside a doubled glass doors to watch a film on how Birmingham became a city, a location of white supremacist terrorism acts and a city built on segregation. This flash for each of us will hold a place in our mind, heart, and soul for a continuance. Walking through the museum we learned so much about our individual citizen rights that most take for granted.


African Americans were faced to deal with hate crimes long before the Americans dealt with hate crimes from Islamic countries. It was so important for Martin Luther King to be one of this nation’s leaders, Rosa Parks for persisting on her beliefs and the African American people in a whole to fight for their rights when wrong isn’t always the only result.




Become Your Own Idol

Watch Sharif from Team Splurjj, tell you how to become your own idol. Do not make idols of anyone else but yourself. Give yourself the attention you give your favorite celebrities on a daily basis. Stop supporting your celebrities if you’re not a fan of yourself. How can you be a fan of someone else’s life when you think your life sucks.

Become your own idol video expresses the importance of putting yourself first. Self preservation, preserve love for self first before anyone else around you. How can you help others? How will you carry those who need help on your back if your back is weak?

Become Miriam Franco

When I initially chose to relaunch Splurjj in February since it’s unique set up date of June 2005, Splurjj was propelled amid the same time Uncrate men’s website was established. I at first began with an Instagram account to showcase a portion of the coolest engineering, autos and apparatus for men. Miriam Franco had been one of the main photographers I kept my eyes on. I could see her vision and needed to showcase her on Splurjj in our specialty and photography classification for us gentlemen.

Miriam had already contacted me before I could even solicit her, to be interested in working with Splurjj in some kind of way. I couldn’t have cared less how she was included on Splurjj, simply needed to impart her vision to others. So it’s currently August 2016, evening is crawling and we are presently at last interfacing with one an other through the interview. I trust her interview rouses most and her photography discovers it’s way on one of your office or home walls. Become more acquainted with Miriam, I have.

Magnificent Miriam


Moment with Miriam

Splurjj: How old were you when you decided failure was not an option for you?

Miriam: Actually, I never found failure as an option.

Splurjj: Where in this world of ours do you find your serenity?

Miriam: At home with my cat.


Splurjj: What should an image on a magazine cover do for a reader?

Miriam: It should be transmitting and have an impact along with a bit of intrigue, so it makes you want to read it.

Splurjj:  What would a reader benefit from your interview?

Miriam: I´m not sure, maybe after someone reads it, they realize that a dream can come true if you work hard on it.


Splurjj:  Who/what inspires you? And why?

Miriam: I can be inspired by anyone or anything.

Splurjj: Philip Johnson once said. “He doesn’t know of any modest good architects”. Do you consider yourself modest or arrogant in your craft? And why?

Miriam: I consider myself a modest person, as I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go.


Splurjj: If your choice of careers were between being a pastor or politician, what would you choose? And why?

Miriam: I wouldn´t choose neither of them, but if I had to go for one I would prefer politics, this way I would have the chance to change our society which I think is quite sick.

Splurjj: What was that influential hardship that challenged you to keep thriving?

Miriam: I´m a very demanding person and always competing with myself.


Splurjj: How do you know when someone has “It”?

Miriam: By looking at someone and observing its personality I know it has it.

Splurjj: Would you say that your work ethics incredibly insane or average? And why?

Miriam: A Little insane because I do things spontaneously and impulsively.


Splurjj: How is your personality reflected in your work?

Miriam: I guess within the style that can be perceived in my photographs, I would say that my work is a variety of topics, and that´s a reflection of my Gemini personality.

Splurjj: Can you tell us where you exactly are right now?

Miriam: At my brother´s having a coffee with my sister in law.

Why not sex & beer?

Splurjj: Are their particular people or designers that have influenced you?

Miriam: One way or another, anyone around me influences me in my work somehow. Also, I would say my designer friend Rebeca Sanchez as I basically started in the photography world with her and we have worked a lot together.

Splurjj: What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening in the world …. Currently?

Miriam: The most inspiring thing for me is relating to people.


Splurjj: How do you overcome creative blocks?

Miriam: When I get blocked I try to forget about it and don´t get obsessed, eventually ideas will just come to my head.

Splurjj: What’s the best thing that ever happen to you from a result of being nice?

Miriam: Meet and keep meeting amazing people.

Splurjj: Sex & Ice cream or Football & Beer? And why?

Miriam: Why not sex & beer?

Splurjj: If you were a company, what would be your slogan?

Miriam: The essential is invisible to the eyes.



Images Courtesy Of Miriam Franco

Splurjj dedicates this music post to the beautiful Christina Grimmie

christina grimmie-shot and killed

Christina Victoria Grimmie was an American singer, songwriter and You Tuber known for her participation in the NBC singing competition The Voice and for her covers of hit songs by contemporary pop musicians. She was recently shot and killed by the gunman Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida, according to Orlando police. No other information was given on the gunman or possible motive behind the shooting. She was such a beautiful girl and she lived a short life. What a tragedy for her family to have to continue to live through.

Christina was discovered on YouTube, where she amassed more than 3 million followers. Grimmie went on to win a spot on Season 6 of NBC’s “The Voice” after her show-stopping performance of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” during a blind audition captivated the attention of all four contestant judges.

CNN affiliate WFTS photographed a handwritten note posted on Loibl’s family home. It reads, “Deepest sorrow for lost (sic) to the family, friends and fans of the very talented, loving Christina Grimmie. No other comments.”

Mina said investigators were going through the man’s computer, phone and other belongings to see whether they can find information about a motive. There’s no evidence Grimmie and Loibl knew each other, police said.

The shooter had two handguns, two additional loaded magazines and a large hunting knife, police Chief John Mina said. Seems if it weren’t for Christina brother Marcus Grimmie tackling man, more people would have lost their life that night. My heart goes out the brave.

Should people who perform the act of murder be forgiven for their mental instability?

Comment below. We would love to hear back from you.

christina grimmie-shot and killed


Christina Grimmie
billboard Photo

Grimmie was signing autographs late Friday after a show at The Plaza Live theater when a man approached and opened fire, police spokeswoman Wanda Miglio said.

She was rushed to a hospital, where she died.
Team SPLURJJ, RIP Christina Grimmie.

Everyone has a different beauty

Everyone has a different beauty is a black and white performative, expository documentary that speaks directly to the viewer. Contains graphic language. Story line is based off of real events, true encounters, life’s most touching issues with strong content that is the films own personal story presented by SPLURJJ.




Song Credit: Don’t – Bryson Tiller, Back in the day – Ahmad, Beauty – Dru Hill, The crushing wait – Aboombong

Find out why AJ Anderson likes to be naked

Here’s what we know, she has minuscule sized boobs and a butt that speaks to you when you smack at it. She doesn’t sell sex, but bred with a Harriet Tubman free mind. I say Harriet because, AJ would like to free others from thinking closed minded in order to see their life’s full potential. The team at Splurjj gained an interest in AJ once we found out that her ex husband enslaved her as a wife and mother. Rebellion spoke up from AJ’s deeper being and she now reigns her entire soul.

[Soul] The make up of the mind body and spirit. AJ Anderson has gained the right, No!., The respect to live freely and to not die miserably. We actually got the face of the Nude Nerd brand to sit still long enough so we can get an interview with her. We thank you AJ and hope, pray that God continues to bless you.

“Don’t get stressed. Stress kills creativity. 😲 Be you. Have fun through it all. Give the gift of YOU to the world; don’t try to imitate anyone–that would be doing yourself and the world a disservice”.

-AJ Anderson


Moment with AJ:

Splurjj: How old were you when you decided failure was not an option for you?

AJ: I don’t know my exact age when I made that decision—I’m sure my father started telling me that while I was in the womb. I have always felt that I was born to win but, like most other people, I have had my moments when I have felt defeated. It is part of life and it only serves the purpose of making us stronger as we overcome those limiting feelings and ideas.


Splurjj: Where in this world of ours do you find your serenity?

AJ: It’s funny because my youngest daughter’s name is Serenity so I guess I could say that I find my serenity wherever she is. No but honestly, in the gym usually. Or on my couch, or swinging in the park, or watching my kids play at the pool. I feel that peace and serenity can be found anywhere.



Splurjj: What should an image on a magazine cover do for a reader?

AJ: As a Marketing major, I think I would have to say that the objective of a magazine cover is to entice the reader to want to see more of what is inside…to ultimately purchase the magazine.


Splurjj: What would a reader benefit from your interview?

AJ: Well… I always hope that with any interaction, people walk away from me feeling a bit inspired, enlightened, and a bit happier.

Splurjj: Who / what inspires you? And why?

AJ: Many, many people inspire me. Really anyone who is fearlessly living out what is inside them to express. The late Maya Angelou, Lily Singh, Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Nia Vardalos, Annette Larkins, Shonda Rimes, the late Sojourner Truth…I’m sure the list could go on and on if I kept typing.


Photo by: INE Photo
Make up by: @keyamua


We all have something in us to express. Many people block their true self out of fear. I love it when people are courageous enough to be their true self. I feel that we are all individual expressions of God; God would not be fully expressed if I didn’t exist, if you didn’t exist, etc. It is a life well-spent when we live out our talents and gifts.

Free Shipping on Denim at Gap. Shop Now!
Nude Nerd 2016-06-25 19-47-42

Splurjj: Philip Johnson once said, “I don’t know of any modest good architects.” Do you consider yourself modest or arrogant in your craft? And why?

AJ: I would say I’m a bit of both modest and arrogant. I think you have to have a certain level of confidence/arrogance to be good at what you do. But when you get overly confident—cocky—I think problems occur. I think in any profession that one chooses, you must realize that deeply, sincerely, and constantly that you are made in the image and likeness of the Creator. Therefore, all Godlike qualities are inherent in you. How can you be inferior to anyone? It isn’t possible! You not only have but you ARE life, love, wisdom, intelligence, peace, creativity, beauty, and joy—just like the highest being in this universe. The modesty comes in by realizing that is not your own doing but the Great life force that is moving in and through you.

Splurjj: If your choice of careers were between being a pastor or politician, what would you choose? And why? 

AJ: A pastor, definitely. I don’t know anything about politics and I would never want to be given the charge of being responsible for the well being of a city, state, or nation. I have a goal to be a minister or reverend of sorts in the future. Something similar to Iyanla Vanzant.


Splurjj: What was that influential hardship that challenged you to keep thriving?

AJ: I am a single mother. There was one point in my life when I had to donate plasma to have enough money for food. I never want to do that again.

Splurjj: How do you know when someone has “it”?

AJ: When someone has “it,” I think there is a certain quality about them that no one can quite articulate; something about them that everyone wants more of—an energy that everyone wants to be around.

Those people are very honest about their life and their feelings. They know themselves and are very comfortable in their own skin.

Splurjj: Would you say that your work ethics incredibly insane or average? And why?

AJ: I think my work ethic varies. Sometimes it is incredibly insane, sometimes it is average, sometimes it is sub-par, honestly. It seems that whenever my work ethic is super intense, I burn out. I am working at finding a good balance.


Photo by: @bmars_shotya

Splurjj: How is your personality reflected in your work?

AJ: I am very eclectic. I think my work is also very eclectic. I love many different styles of photography and modeling. I have several projects in the works to try to diversify my portfolio even more.

Splurjj: Can you tell us where you exactly are right now?

AJ: Right at this moment when I’m typing? I am sitting by a pool in Atlanta while my kids and their friends swim.


Photo by: @c0lby

Splurjj: Are there particular people or designers that have influenced you?

AJ: No designers really because I’m not really into clothes. There have been several models who are currently working and many models from the past who have influenced and inspired me: Aisha Thalia, Madzilla, Tianna Gregory, Janice Dickinson.

Gap Women Classic Logo Tee Size M - Heather grey

Splurjj: What do you think are some of the most inspiring things happening in the world …. Currently?
AJ: I love that so many people are just saying “Eff it, I’m going to do what brings me happiness.”

Splurjj: How do you overcome creative blocks?

AJ: I have found that my biggest block to creativity is stress; it is impossible to be creative while stressed. So I usually go to the gym, go hang out with friends, or read—anything that relaxes me and/or gets the gears in my brain moving.

Splurjj: What’s the best thing that ever happen to you from a result of being nice?

AJ: Wow. So many things have happened. I suppose most of them are financial or material items. Someone gave me two laptops the other day, one for each of my kids. Someone gave me a brand new clothes dryer when mine broke. I’ve been given thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. I have had people go out of their way to help me with my children. People have bought tires or helped with auto repairs. God has definitely used other people to bless me.
Splurjj: Sex & Ice cream or Football & Beer? And why?

AJ: Ummm…. How about just sex? I don’t really care for ice cream, I can’t maintain any interest in football games, and I’ve never had an alcoholic beverage in my life.

Gap Girls 1969 Frayed Denim Shorty Short Size 6 - White denim

Splurjj: If you were a company, what would be your slogan?

AJ: The slogans I use on my Instagram account are

“I don’t sell sex, I sell freedom”


“Live and love freely”

so I suppose it would be one of those two.


Splurjj claims no credit for any images posted on Splurjj unless otherwise noted. Images on Splurjj are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on Splurjj that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on Splurjj, please contact us with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Featured photo by Ryan Colby

A moment with Derek Nice

From rapper to DJ turned photographer. Mr. Derek Nice is a jack of all trades. Some may argue and say a master of none. Mr. Nice has found a way to do all equally yoked and remain balanced. This guy was a true #hiphop Manhattaner in the late 80s.


Some would tease me and say I looked like D-nice when I was young. I’d like to thank you all who spoke so high of me around age 8 or so,  D-nice made history of his life and style which makes for a perfect Splurjj lifestyle advocate. Before we derived to this moment with Derek Nice, we wanted a vivid picture with the talented apostle of life. Not only does Derek entrepreneur in his lifestyle but he demonstrates true entrepreneurship by balancing a household, wife, family and a young daughter.


Mr. Nice demosticated spouse.
“A home fit for a king and queen.”


She said,

“Daddy, let’s take a picture.”


Moment with D-nice:

Splurjj: What gear makes you most happy?

Derek: This is the setup that makes me happy. It’s my Leica M60 Edition camera fitted with a vintage Canon 50mm f/.95 lens. The M60 is one of the mostamazing digital cameras I’ve ever used simply because it has no screen and no exposure compensation. It was created by Audi Designs and there are only 600 in the world. Since it doesn’t have a screen, it feels like I’m shooting film again. I’ve never been a fan of continuous shooting so this camera is perfect for my style of photography.


Splurjj: What inspired you to buy the perfect lens?
[Photo above]

Derek: I bought the lens after visiting my buddy, photographer/director @AMandler and his wife @DeniseVasi. Anthony walked me into his home office and showed me his beautiful Leica collection. When he pulled out the Canon lens, i knew immediately that the lens was my next purchase. It’s not too sharp and the bokeh is beautiful.
Now, if you’re a photographer that needs to look at every image after you shoot it, this isn’t the set up for you.


Derek at hudson bar and books in NY having a Midday cigar before his @atlanticrecords gig.


The TR 808. #Selfie. #HitchcockFlow


Derek toys. #allleicaeverything @leica_camera @LeicaCameraUSA @LeicaCraft #DNicePhotography #BrandNice


“When @KodakLens asks you to stop by the @RocNation office to be photographed on the gold sofa, you do it.”

Splurjj: What is your true love? Music or Photography?
Derek: My photography has become just as important as my music. I’m so grateful that some of my favorite people have allowed me to tell their stories through my lens.


Splurjj: What would be your best photo moment?
Derek: One of my favorite moments happens to be when I was in Dave’s dressing room having a conversation with these guys. I noticed Chris setting up a selfie moment and quickly grabbed my camera and shot this pic. [Photo above]


10 years ago, my life changed. I used to stand in front of the DJ booth at a club in New York City called Table 50. Every Thursday night, I watched @qtiptheabstract and @iammarkronson completely body the party and I knew that I wanted to become a club DJ. 10 years later, I’ve been on the bill with everyone from Billy Joel to @SnoopDogg. From Tao in Vegas to the Inaugural Ball for President Obama. I’m humbled that people still ask me to provide the soundtrack to their night. Music is my life. Thank you all for your unwavering support. Thank you @rocnation @skamartist @dgimanagement #Violator and @BrandNice. Thank you to all of the clubs that gave me a chance. Thank you to all of the event planners that trust me to provide the right atmosphere. Thank you @HennessyUS and #TeamHennessy. #Godspeed


“Oh, word?!?! They couldn’t find another marquee to place my name?”


“I just left Big Daddy Kane’s house. My man has a 70s room in his house. There’s stucco on the ceiling and a rotary phone on the wall.”

We thank Derek for being such a super mogul. He’s not only living, he’s


with style.

Splurjj Magazine / Team
Images that are not owned by Splurjj
Photo Credit goes to the owner/photographer.


Cintura in pelle scamosciata stampato e pelle liscia

Robby’s Magazine Cutie

Known on Instagram @imnotarobot_photography. Robby Politi is a photographer who happens to be natural with the camera, inspiring others with his genius photography. From Genk, Belgium, he has been recognized to take some outstanding photographs, his Instagram followers would agree. His photography makes one so gullible, you can’t help but to scroll further down his page to see more. Excitingly admiring we’re sharing his images too, you’ll also find yourself doing so. This guys not a photographer cripple, but instead an abstract of art and bloody image visionary.






Lovely Kiaaa

A repost I had to recognize. *** Published image in @darkbeautymag *** Model: @_lovelykiaaa
Makeup: @jamespenniephotography
We take no credit all credit to
Plug: @jamespenniephotography

Instagram filter used: Normal

View in Instagram ⇒

Thee Nude Nerd

No matter what it is that you want in your life or what kind of life you’d want to live. If you aren’t tempted by it, it’s not for you. Spend with no remorse. Work with no remorse.
LUST isn’t always a bad thing. @theenudenerd

Instagram filter used: Lo-fi

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Miss Bridgitte

Very Tasteful
Splurjj recommends go checkout @miss_bridgitte Photography from @girlsonglass – Astrid
Plug: @impliedmagazine

Instagram filter used: Clarendon

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AJ Anderson

You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up, instead of tearing each other down. .
No room for anything but love! Give your energy to good and happy times and you will attract more good and happy times. I promise. *pinky swear*
Instagram: @thenudenerd


“Don’t try to convince yourself that you are not afraid.
Be real with yourself: you’re scared.
But okay. Be scared, but do it anyway. It’s called “courage” and it will only make you stronger.

I promise: whatever it is probably wont kill you.
Do it.”


Nicola Vicenzo Rinaldo

A professional photographer residing in Syracuse New York. Knowing what perfect is, is a rarity. He knows how to capture perfection by the moment. He’s an artist with a sound mind and loud eye.
Dedication is unforgettable.
Instagram: @nicola_visuals


I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.
Mary J. Blige


Hello, my name is Roxy Monroe also known as “themodelsleader.”  I am Indo Jamaican (of Indian and Jamaican descent) born in Jamaica. I arrived in the U.S. at a young age.
I am a confident hard working model who is committed to achieving excellence. I have seven years of modeling experience including runway and print. I also have three years of experience as a runway coach, however, I still continue to be an enthusiastic learner. I am a highly adaptable professional who also provides leadership.

Instagram: themodels_leader


Cometsuicide but don’t.

We found this young lady by the name of Britta, on instagram in this wonderful colored birthday suit. Is it fashionable nowadays to wear your skin? Art is all in the mind. If you believe it, you can get others to see what you see. If not, you’re no artist. There she is below in her normal skin tone.


Instagram: @cometsuicide

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