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Wooden Camera Accessories Start at $25

Get your camera accessories from wooden camera. No matter what the task, assignment or project wooden camera has you fully covered.

Here’s  the 1/4-20 Hot Shoe replicates the camera flash shoe found on still cameras. Attaches to any 1/4-20 threaded hole. Great for mounting on-camera lights, microphone shock mounts, flashes, and more. Also referred to as a cold shoe.




Robby’s Magazine Cutie

Known on Instagram @imnotarobot_photography. Robby Politi is a photographer who happens to be natural with the camera, inspiring others with his genius photography. From Genk, Belgium, he has been recognized to take some outstanding photographs, his Instagram followers would agree. His photography makes one so gullible, you can’t help but to scroll further down his page to see more. Excitingly admiring we’re sharing his images too, you’ll also find yourself doing so. This guys not a photographer cripple, but instead an abstract of art and bloody image visionary.






Gold Cut.

Gold Cut.

Coming to Ellementsmagazine Spring Issue and landing on Splurjj. We call this post, GoldCut. // Photography: Bernard Gueit, Fashion Editor/Creative director: Dhav Naidu, Model; Siobhan, @ London Management, Hair Jamie Furlan, Danni Solier assisted by Jonny Candy, Make up: Emma Jane for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Nails Faby Nails, Tan: LDNSKINS @ The Handspa Melbourne, Jewellery throughout By Anton Jewellery, Gold Boater by Serena Lindeman // an ellementsmagazine photo.

Splurjj Magazine / Team
Images that are not owned by Splurjj
Photo Credit goes to the owner/photographer.

American Classic Car In Havana, Cuba

Cuba - Coche en Centro Habana C

Photo taken in summer 2004 in the center of Havana, Cuba. From 1959, year of the “Cuban Revolution”, and until 2013, Cuban citizens were only allowed to buy cars that had been imported before the revolution. Therefore, these classic American cars have been extremely well maintained.

Ivo de Man, instagram: @ivodeman, Swiss amateur photographer living in Bogota, Colombia.

“I enjoy doing landscape, portrait and travel photography. Besides shooting with my camera, my hobbies are traveling and driving my motorbike.”

Ivo de Man


Havana (or, La Habana) is a street photographer’s dream destination. Photo by Frank Carlson.


Cuba woman cigar — A woman poses with a cigar on a street in Old Havana. Photo by Frank Carlson.



Warm Beach, Standwood Cali


Sometimes we don’t get to live like we should. Sometimes it’s due to where we were brought up, other times we don’t know how to create a lifestyle. Just decide today you’re going to live different, step out of your realm and into nature’s realm.

Cigars On Ice.

Malo Culo.
ADDICTIONS by @don_d_whitman for @ellementsmagazine | Makeup by @kenyehart Model Eva Harris
One of Ellements Magazine Captures. Checkout their magazine you’ll find several pieces that catch your eyes attention. To be attentive is to be in love.

Nicola Vicenzo Rinaldo

A professional photographer residing in Syracuse New York. Knowing what perfect is, is a rarity. He knows how to capture perfection by the moment. He’s an artist with a sound mind and loud eye.
Dedication is unforgettable.
Instagram: @nicola_visuals


I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful woman in the world. But I’m one of them.
Mary J. Blige


Hello, my name is Roxy Monroe also known as “themodelsleader.”  I am Indo Jamaican (of Indian and Jamaican descent) born in Jamaica. I arrived in the U.S. at a young age.
I am a confident hard working model who is committed to achieving excellence. I have seven years of modeling experience including runway and print. I also have three years of experience as a runway coach, however, I still continue to be an enthusiastic learner. I am a highly adaptable professional who also provides leadership.

Instagram: themodels_leader


Cometsuicide but don’t.

We found this young lady by the name of Britta, on instagram in this wonderful colored birthday suit. Is it fashionable nowadays to wear your skin? Art is all in the mind. If you believe it, you can get others to see what you see. If not, you’re no artist. There she is below in her normal skin tone.


Instagram: @cometsuicide

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