Car Test: Meek Mill

Meek shares his writing behind his album Wins & Losses on Car Test with host Elliot. Album intro is titled Wins & Losses and features Eric Thomas. Meeks mother always told him when he was younger, you fall you better get back up. Stand on your two feet and keep your head up. Meek explains […]

BOMBERG – Grenade Desk Clock

BOOM! – GRENADE, the desk clock is on your table, ready to give you the time but mainly adding an original & fun touch to your environment. As the name indicates, BOMBERG’s desk clock is small, fierce, powerful and efficient, an item every BOMBERG lover needs. BOMBERG designed the GRENADE as a desk clock, bringing […]

Get Your Chick Some Lip Shit 

Fellas get your chick some lip shit. Made in Pittsfield Massachusetts not ever sure where the hell that may even be but their lip balm is made with 23 percent bees wax.  Gotta love some shit for your chick.  They come in all flavors like lemonade hibiscus, cucumber mint, raspberry lemongrass, coconut basil and grapefruit […]

Chromecast Dongle

  The Chromecast is going to make it onto just about every one of our gift guides, but that’s because it’s just a wonderful little thing. $35 gets you a magical little dongle that turns any TV into a REALLY, REALLY good Smart TV, controlled by your iOS/Android phone. You can also stream Kodi on […]

The Playboy

Guys, we have all been there, that in between wanting a relationship that you’re in monogamously without the intense sensation of various chicks immersing your cell phone challenged lifestyle and perhaps we’re enjoying our freedom fucking random women. We do want to settle down, I’m sure., at times it’s just not the right time because […]

Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker Knife

The Swiss Army Victorinox Hiker pocket Knife has 13 functions which include a freaking wood saw and a Phillips screwdriver. It weighs under 3 ounces, lighter than a 52 deck of cards but more than 2 slices of whole grain bread. Only 4 inches in size small enough to fit in your palm and take […]

Le Coq Sportif calfskin heel runners

Le Coq Sportif calfskin heel runners These calfskin heel trainers were compared to Yeezy’s and were pronounce to be the large brand to back. With the Le C0q Sportif trainers, you acquire your kicks in a wooden box, Saphir shoe polish a cleaning cloth to keep them scuff free, shoe trees and a branded metallic […]

Buy: Merino Eye Mask

[ad_1] Made from ultra-fine, 100% merino wool, this eye mask is super-soft and comfortable. It fits snugly on your head with a knitted headband (also merino wool) to avoid sleep interruption. This mask works better than those made from unnatural fabrics as…… Continue Reading… [ad_2] Source link

Buy: Welcome to the Universe

[ad_1] Co-authored by Michael Strauss (a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University), J. Richard Gott (professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University) and Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, cosmologist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium…… Continue Reading… [ad_2] Source link

Buy: Stay Home Club T-Shirt

[ad_1] For introverts, homebodies and those with hangovers, this Stay Home Club T-shirt says it all so you don’t have to. Designed by Olivia Mew, the white top is made in the USA and printed in Canada, with pale blue lettering and navy cuffs and crewneck…… Continue Reading… [ad_2] Source link