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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has given an official date to release the new Samsung Note 8 on August 23rd. The Samsung Note 8 will not start selling until late September or October so it will be some time before we can pocket the powerful flagship phone ourselves but let’s hope we don’t have an explosive in our pockets this time around. I’ve always been a fan of the Note series, felt like I played some betrayal on my part when I crossed over to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

This Note 8 is expected to be even bigger coming in a 6.3-inch display in the palm of your hand. The Note 8 will arrive just in time for the Christmas holiday but will have to compete against all new iPhone 8 this season. Will be a tough battle for the two competitors. With pricing being around the same $900 range and both having some awesome features, like Note 8 stylus features being upgraded but this is only a rumor so let’s not bank on it yet but do be excited.



Car Test: Meek Mill

Meek shares his writing behind his album Wins & Losses on Car Test with host Elliot. Album intro is titled Wins & Losses and features Eric Thomas. Meeks mother always told him when he was younger, you fall you better get back up. Stand on your two feet and keep your head up.

Meek explains how he used to ride the bus with tokens cause he didn’t have shit when he was young. He states no one would’ve believed that he would have two Maybachs if he told them that back in his younger years. He has a song titled “Heavy Heart” which reveals why he’s so aggressive and rough cause of all that he’s been through in life.

Watch the full video on Tidal or download the album from the BUY link at the very bottom.

“I don’t think they be understanding where we come from”

“So when you see me out, don’t ask if I know Nicki – Fuck I look like telling my business on Wendy”


BOMBERG – Grenade Desk Clock

BOOM! – GRENADE, the desk clock is on your table, ready to give you the time but mainly adding an original & fun touch to your environment. As the name indicates, BOMBERG’s desk clock is small, fierce, powerful and efficient, an item every BOMBERG lover needs.

BOMBERG designed the GRENADE as a desk clock, bringing their extraordinary, original and unique style in order to customize any place you are at. This new innovative creation puts BOMBERG ahead in the game by creating a purpose for your watch anywhere you are and for any situation, once again. Both your wrist and desk will be filled by BOMBERG’s uniqueness in the watch industry. What do we mean by unique? The BOMBERG GRENADE surpasses the classic ideology of watch making by creating yet another disruptive and unconventional accessory.

The GRENADE’s unconventional design is an eye catcher on every desk and underlines the rebellious, masculine yet playful side of every man.

This desk clock is available in two references, creating a perfect harmony between your desk and your wrist. One of the GRENADE models is made out of stainless steel while the other is in Gun Metal PVD, both are supported by the patented Bayonet system and adapted to all the BOLT-68 (45mm) models.

BOMBERG GRENADE is not only a desk clock, it’s a piece of art for your home and work!


Get Your Chick Some Lip Shit 

Fellas get your chick some lip shit. Made in Pittsfield Massachusetts not ever sure where the hell that may even be but their lip balm is made with 23 percent bees wax. 

Gotta love some shit for your chick. 

They come in all flavors like lemonade hibiscus, cucumber mint, raspberry lemongrass, coconut basil and grapefruit rosehip.

Chromecast Dongle


The Chromecast is going to make it onto just about every one of our gift guides, but that’s because it’s just a wonderful little thing. $35 gets you a magical little dongle that turns any TV into a REALLY, REALLY good Smart TV, controlled by your iOS/Android phone. You can also stream Kodi on this cool Google dongle and here is the link below.


Adidas EQT Support ADV Primeknit

The pair of kicks in starred image are the Adidas EQT support ADV prime-knit with that sock like innovation around the ankles so you don’t even really gotta wear any socks with these joints. These are the first pair of Adidas that I think look really proper that have a unique design and real chic appearance. I would probably prefer the black over the white versus the white with the specs of black here in there.


The Playboy

Guys, we have all been there, that in between wanting a relationship that you’re in monogamously without the intense sensation of various chicks immersing your cell phone challenged lifestyle and perhaps we’re enjoying our freedom fucking random women. We do want to settle down, I’m sure., at times it’s just not the right time because of our busy robust schedules, or we may just have a few options so it makes the decision harder for us and could be, we’re just not at that level yet, fuck maybe she’s not the girl. Either way being the Playboy is only a facade, period that we go through, that will soon come to an ending, yes, but only when we are set, ready and we go for someone or something greater.

Trey Songz has a released an album titled Tremaine – various tracks discuss this very topic. Records like – Nobody Else But You – This song has to be for every man who’s experienced the playa lifestyle, the lifestyle that leaves you empty, drained, wishing you could fix every women heart you broke in very minute pieces but you find all the reasons why you’re enjoying the lifestyle and never save her from the damage you cause her. The record – Playboy –  Trey is questioning why is he still a Playboy, he’s in the confused stage and wants to settle down but just not sure when it’s going to happen because of the sumptuous, lewd, fascinating lifestyle.




Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker Knife

The Swiss Army Victorinox Hiker pocket Knife has 13 functions which include a freaking wood saw and a Phillips screwdriver. It weighs under 3 ounces, lighter than a 52 deck of cards but more than 2 slices of whole grain bread. Only 4 inches in size small enough to fit in your palm and take with you while traveling through TSA on an airplane headed to Washington, D.C.


  1. blade, large
  2. blade, small
  3. can opener
  4. screwdriver 3 mm
  5. bottle opener
  6. wire stripper
  7. screwdriver 6 mm
  1. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  2. Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2
  3. wood saw
  4. toothpick
  5. tweezers
  6. key ring


Le Coq Sportif calfskin heel runners

  • le-coq-sportif-starcow-omega-6.jpeg
  • le-coq-sportif-starcow-omega-3.jpeg
  • le-coq-sportif-starcow-omega-5.jpeg

Le Coq Sportif calfskin heel runners

These calfskin heel trainers were compared to Yeezy’s and were pronounce to be the large brand to back. With the Le C0q Sportif trainers, you acquire your kicks in a wooden box, Saphir shoe polish a cleaning cloth to keep them scuff free, shoe trees and a branded metallic cup. With the Yeezy’s all you get is an overpriced sneaker, a cut of Kanye West’s arrogance and a declaration that confer you spent a few hundred dollars to purchase a pair of kicks. Now for Yeezy fans, this may be what you need but if you’re just looking for a moderately priced pair of sneakers to add to your overstocked closet that you rarely have space for already what’s inside of it, then cop a pair of Le Coq Sportif calfskin heel runners.


Sundance 2017: Annabelle Dexter-Jones' "Cecile on the Phone": A post-break-up character study that everyone can connect with


For their considered use of brevity and frequent potency, short films continue to be an important medium—especially for emerging filmmakers. At this year’s Sundance Film Festival, actor and first-time writer/director Annabelle Dexter-Jones released……

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The First Levitating Turntable

  • ee1d54256807d03c75d219ecf417082f_original.jpeg
  • 8fbbeb1bdd6921f98677ae7f69c5adb6_original.jpeg
  • a5ff06885da36fb28070fd300a2a5069_original.jpeg
  • e60dfd91e99f6fd8aa56a9dfa90d5ef6_original-1.gif
  • 7837526a322e01a88020fedf37f87348_original.jpeg
  • 2872be2b2901baf52a5d9656d7604e42_original.jpeg
  • d766c603dd466da4f19d1f8b9f53a098_original.jpeg
  • d777d94d1c901b5d7a31ac276a7bec92_original.jpeg

MAG-LEV Audio | The First Levitating Turntable

Never give up they say, they also say, if it isn’t broken do not fix it. Well, the turntable has never been broken and no one has ever broken the turntable. I’m not speaking in a sense of the turntable actually being broken or damaged I hope you do know this. MAG-LEV Audio has broken the barrier by taking history and restoring its specs. I’m specifically speaking just on behalf of this well-designed futuristic phonograph electronics that a guy need have in his dwelling. How did they actually do it? How did they create a levitating turntable? Bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living space is what they call it. But how? How does that work exactly?

So after doing some research, the MAG-LEV was made for people who love listening to music by people who have a love for music. The team of eight guys, with backgrounds in design, electrical, engineering and one production expert created a gem for an aged medium in days of yore.  With high range components and a levitating platter, your experience with the vinyl record will be heightened. Featured in HYPEBEAST, Mixmag, and design-milk just to name a few, also found a love for this unique turntable of the future.




RAD (1986) BMX Racing Special Edition

This movie sits in a hidden place in my heart, so whenever I need to find my way back home I can revisit without the troubles of the world. I find BMX to be an inspiration to children whether African-American, White-American, Hispanic or Asian. Kids dream to do cool tricks on their bikes that inspire and motivate others around them while copping the chance to show off.

BMX had changed the cultures, a youngsters color of their skin never mattered. You were either cool cause of your tricks or you were cool cause your tricks sucked. Either way, you were accepted in for failing after trying or succeeding after attempting so many times.

The sport had ringed on so many home doorbells around the world with no question in regards to segregation, separation or my favorite word “hateration”. We all need to get back to the basics and take it from the BMX-ers in the world. You’re either in or you’re out but nevermind what the color of your flesh tone may be. The question that stands, does he wear “Vans”.



does he wear “Vans”.

I can tell you exactly how cool this movie really is from a past experience I encountered. Okay, so I was an IT and had been doing some work in the city outside of Minneapolis, yeah it’s Prince city and yes I have been to his home, maybe I’ll share a couple pics that I took. Let me get back to my storytelling. With not one guy working on this project in sight, even a shade of my skin complexion, we were still able to relate to the movie “RAD”.

We were all talking about what we do to pass time while in town and of course I said, well, I sit in my hotel room and watch RAD. What! with everyone’s eyes all lit up except for one younger kid around the age 25 who just hadn’t been in the park much cause he got breastfed, he didn’t know about RAD. We get to talking about this radical film and boom! we have a gang of shit in common. Of course, everyone wanted to pull out their thumb drives on-site and have me download a copy to their drives.

With copyright infringement at hand, I didn’t do it. You get the drift of what I’m saying about this movie, the sport, and BMX in a whole. It takes people who know nothing about each other and bring them together.



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