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Fuoripista Excercise Bike

Adriano design has made an Excercise Bike for home that’s also a center of attention piece. A piece in your household that sparks conversations. Not only will this work of art spark your evening entertainment but you’ll be excited to workout on such a beautifully designed equipment. 

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Usher Advertising for Pure Cycles

Usher was seen riding his Pure bicycle through the streets of my old stomping grounds and residual home, NYC. I think this was a advertising hoax pulled off by Usher for the gents over at Pure bicycle company. Perfect timing for the 37 year old super star who started his music career around the same age I stopped pissing the bed sheets. Oh, the age was age 8. Shout outs to Pure bicycle and Usher collaboration. Usher has a new album launching in July 2016. A few leaked tracks are listed on image inside gallery. We do not offer leaked album downloads here at Splurjj. Leaked downloads hurts the artist but album track list are innocent. Buy Usher Flawed, link below.

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Pure Cycles Contacts

Usher’s new album Flawed will be hot! You heard it here first.




More Than Just A Garage

After spending a little time with the boys over at Benzina Garage today. I’ve learned that it’s not just a garage. Benzina is a family of guys who love bikes and they just happen to work together. These guys make promises they keep to satisfy friends who just so happen to be a customer. We all love to be treated like an elite when bringing in whatever your possession may be into a shop. Knowing that you have the guys at PRESTON BENZINA working on your prize and possession, your mind can sit breezeless. Preston Benzina Moto Cafe and Workshop is on our list of Splurjj style  bike shops.








Have you got a bike that needs some work? Do you need Tires? A service? Custom work? Maybe you just need a high five and a coffee?!?! Then rock on round and see us here at Benzina, or give us a ring to make a booking! Do it!

Tough Guys Bleed Oil Others Just Bleed


“I build bikes, spray furniture, bikes, cars and make dioramas.

I fix all sorts of stuff; I’m a Dad, that’s our job!

I’ve been doing shit in garages my whole life, and I’m 58 now.”

Mad Mick


Now the boys and girls from Sydney Café Racers have donated $5000 for me to finish the build and Josh’s other bikes, the Kawasaki Z400 and Z500. Since then I have started to rebuild it the way Josh wanted it. It’s hard to get the right motivation to do it now that Josh is not here to see it, but everyone has been really great, helping me out so much and I’m sure he’s right here in the garage with me at night, pushing me to keep going. You’ve all inspired me to do it in his and your honour! I probably would never have let him ride it anyway… it used to make me shit my pants.

Me All The Way.

Firestone has been known from keeping you covered to keeping formula 1 racing covered. Under pressure
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Come Fly With Me.

Style Is Air Born // WHEELS // SPLURJJ APP
Don’t be afraid to venture out with style. Following trends only keeps you limited. Set trends and watch them all follow @slytechprotect

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6KU-Track My Personal Cycle

This bike is personally rode by me on a daily basis, after my 9-5 I hit the streets. The feeling I get when my legs get to pushing down on my pedals and began to spin even faster with every push towards the concrete floor. I get a rush, almost that feeling when you want to quit but it feels way too good to stop so you continue to dig. It’s light weight and nimble ride comes from 6061 double butted alloy, making it the perfect choice to tackle pot holes while not slowing you down on the hills.  6KUBIKES


We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers – but never blame yourself. It’s never your fault. But it’s always your fault, because if you wanted to change you’re the one who has got to change. #6kubikes #6ku #6kubruh #bikes #trackcycling #bike #bicycle #cycling #cycles #bikerchick #bmx #bikelife #bmxlife #instagood #instadaily #gofrombmxtobmw #bmw #performance #fortune500 #ride

Stress Kills So Why Not Ride

We’re not at all bikers here at except for cycling. We do know how to appreciate steel, heat and rubber though. We love what the boys and gals over at Motto Guzzi is doing though. We will definitely be featuring lots of images from these guys. @moto_guzzi_official
Posting this post from Sante Fe, NEW Mexico. Such a beautiful place (Taken with Instagram at Sante Fe, New Mexico)

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