Fuoripista Excercise Bike

Adriano design has made an Excercise Bike for home that’s also a center of attention piece. A piece in your household that sparks conversations. Not only will this work of art spark your evening entertainment but you’ll be excited to workout on such a beautifully designed equipment.  // BUY

Me All The Way.

Firestone has been known from keeping you covered to keeping formula 1 racing covered. Under pressure
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6KU-Track My Personal Cycle

This bike is personally rode by me on a daily basis, after my 9-5 I hit the streets. The feeling I get when my legs get to pushing down on my pedals and began to spin even faster with every push towards the concrete floor. I get a rush, almost that feeling when you want […]

Stress Kills So Why Not Ride

We’re not at all bikers here at Splurjj.com except for cycling. We do know how to appreciate steel, heat and rubber though. We love what the boys and gals over at Motto Guzzi is doing though. We will definitely be featuring lots of images from these guys. @moto_guzzi_official
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