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Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas designs Urban Cabin

Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas designs Urban Cabin


Seldom we feel like we have nothing when we have no capital to back our projects, but we do, we have our talents, skills, and determination to be the creative genius. Self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas proves that talent meshed with hard work produces greatness with his Urban Cabin he built beneath the energetic city bridge of Valencia. Abellanas, who designs furniture and lighting under the studio name Lebrel, formed the tiny timber- and metal-framed cabin in a matter of two weeks.

By designing a set of wheels that allow the studio to be moved using only a hand crank along the preexisting concrete columns of the bridge, Abellanas is able to move the studio as he wishes.

Abellanas is able to hide from the hectic city pace without having to hide away somewhere nestled deep in the forest for peace.




What Is Tephlon Funk?

Nas inspired comic ‘Tephlon Funk’ is a series created by Stephane Metayer about a young girl from Queensbridge who’s life turns upside down. It’s heavily inspired by both Hip Hop & Anime. The words “Tephlon Funk” means to be strong and stand out. He wanted to create a factual story that takes place in New York City.


Images by Publicist


In Nike’s the Explorer collection, consistency has always been apart of Nike traversing new technologies, including Nike Air, is tied to legendary exploration. A bronze-colored Swoosh on this Air VaporMax hints at the Navy’s deep-sea diving helmets that opened up underwater frontiers, while a dark Flyknit upper alludes to the gritty texture of faraway planets.


Nike Air Vapormax

Nike has always surprised us and with Marc Newson on their team since 2000, he has always done the opposite when designing. Marc has a resume that extends into aircraft design, product design, jewelry, furniture design, and clothing.


Kobe A.D.

The Kobe A.D. is a newly released men’s basketball shoe by Nike, just do it. They come in two different colors: Black/Hyper Violet/University Red and Light Bone/Pale Grey/Vivid Sky/White. You can also design your own shoe on the Nike website. To get a pair you need a buck sixty in your wallet.


ZO2 Prime Big Baller Brand

The ZO2 is meant to be the first signature shoe for Lonzo Ball, LaVar’s son, who has entered the 2017 NBA draft after an impressive freshman season at UCLA. First kid to come into the NBA without even playing a single game and have his own brand. If you’re not balling forget about copping a pair of the ZO2’s they’ll stick you up for $495. Would you Fuck with them, yay or nay? or run the fuck out the store, like hell no!


Adidas EQT Support ADV Primeknit

The pair of kicks in starred image are the Adidas EQT support ADV prime-knit with that sock like innovation around the ankles so you don’t even really gotta wear any socks with these joints. These are the first pair of Adidas that I think look really proper that have a unique design and real chic appearance. I would probably prefer the black over the white versus the white with the specs of black here in there.


Nike Air Max 1 Premium

The Nike Air Max 1, which made its debut in 1987, also known as the Air Max 90. Developed by an independent inventor (who was originally turned down by Adidas), Dumb Ass Adidas haven’t made a hot kick since 87 shell toe.


Fuoripista Excercise Bike

Adriano design has made an Excercise Bike for home that’s also a center of attention piece. A piece in your household that sparks conversations. Not only will this work of art spark your evening entertainment but you’ll be excited to workout on such a beautifully designed equipment. 

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Looking at David Olivare’s concept sneaker it’s hard to not think of Stars Wars storm trooper from – The Empire Strikes Back. These futuristic boot-like kicks, I’d definitely find something cool to rock with them. The Y-3 concept 01 don’t look like you’ll be able to ball in these even though they’re 3 quarter footwear. Only time you would wear em would be to shovel some of that New England snow. I’m Sharif Dyson and this is another SPLURJJ first. 

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Custom Leather Helmet Design

  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-14.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.23.35.png
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-10.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-9.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-7.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-3.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.24.24.png
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-5.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-6.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.26.07.png

Custom leather helmet design by Larson Upholstery – Bell Bullitt Custom Helmet – Young Brodies, I’m not the Leather Upholstery guys, so I can’t provide you the information on pricing. Please message them through the contact provided below.



Another amazing design by Joey Ruiter

Gram Exhibition Final Inner City Bike

Joey Ruiter designs can be captured a mile away, they’re those conceptions that have you gawk at them in wonder, like wow!. Joey Ruiter Gram Exhibition Final inner city bike below received 100 Instagram likes when posted this exact design on our Instagram page. People just find his designs wondrous, he’s filled with innovative ideas, a designer that enjoys what he does and doesn’t allow his passion to defeat his purpose, which is to be the Joey Ruiter you and I love to see more of. Joey Ruiter Follows SPLURJJ on Instagram so be sure to check out his page when you check out our Instagram page, the very next time you stop by and say what’s up!






Fidget Cube

Are you a foot tapper? A pen clicker? A Bubble Wrap popper? The Fidget Cube might be for you. This pocket-sized toy has a rotating dial, a joystick, a flip switch, buttons (both silent and clicky), gears and an indention for time-wasting and stress relieving. They got that right! Wasting valuable time. Featured everywhere else and now on 


feiz design studio the 10 greats of design

You are most likely like me and saying to yourself “who the hell-fire are these 10 savages and what could it be that they “F” ing do????

A ten person strong design consultancy with an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, Feiz Design Studio handles all areas of design from brand building products to inspiring furniture; technically sophisticated industrial projects to household and consumer products.

I’ll start and introduce to one product I’m sure you’ve seen afloat in your local Staples store while browsing around, looking for printer paper and ink. The K380 multi-device keyboard for Logitech is a compact yet fully ergonomic keyboard that works simultaneously on multiple devices such as your PC, tablet and smartphone. Observing that we constantly switch from device to device and that not all our tools are optimized for typing, this keyboard offers an excellent typing experience know. Round Keys: Our finger imprints are round; We wondered why have the design of keys on keyboards predominantly transformed into squares? Drawing cues from the original typewriters, this design with its concave and convex circular keys offers a great ergonomic feel and actually improves the target press of the buttons. Resulting in a more simple and friendly product.

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image owned by Logitech

Below are a few more designs by feiz that you may know of. Brand names to throw at cha are Nokia, Denon, Logitech etc. These guys are more than a design team.

Fire dances to the beats you play

Fireside Audiobox syncs fire to your music. Beats = flickers and spikes. Built in speakers, propane, Bluetooth – all wrapped up in a luscious bamboo, glass and metal work of art, built from the ground up in maker spaces and garages by Tyrone Hazen of Grey Street Design.

Fireside Audiobox 2016-07-29 17-05-50

Morgan designs a new future


On the off chance that you want to drive, then it takes after that you ought to love your auto. It may appear glaringly evident to some that becoming hopelessly enamored with the auto you drive is something to make progress toward: yet consider it somewhat more profound and you can see that car captivation could very well spare the planet.

What’s more, no place is the point more significant when you take a gander at how English games auto organization Morgan’s passed on in-the-fleece world perspective could soon be the model to which the greater auto partnerships turn for the sake of survival.

The retro styling of a Morgan’s outline isn’t to everybody’s taste – yet the smaller scale producing method for doing things they utilize has made seemingly the most feasible type of auto industry as exists anyplace.


“The open secret of Morgan’s vision is that its business model is based upon low volume production”

If car companies are to survive they need to move closer to the Morgan business model. This ultimately means that fewer cars will be produced and therefore fewer employees in the primary stage of manufacturing will be needed to produce them.

Cruzy Kozy Leather Bike Cup Holder by Hide & Drink

Price: $21.99

Cruzy Kozy Leather Bike Cup Holder by Hide and Drink 01

Looking to take your piping hot coffee to work but also want to take your bike? Now you can do so with the Cruzy Kozy Leather Bike Cup Holder by Hide & Drink. Handmade with the highest quality leather, this vintage-style cup holder attaches to your handlebars with belt straps so you can ride in style without spilling a drop. Made with 100% soft and rustic full grain leather, the Cruzy Kozy will naturally insulate your beverages to keep them just as cold or hot as you want them to be. The leather has been hand cut and hand sewn and is complete with a fire branded logo. Because it is all natural, the leather will age over time to give your Cruzy Kozy a unique and distinctive look.

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