An Excellent, One-pan, Protein-packed Power Pasta

[ad_1] One-pot meals are the savior of weeknight cooking, and this pasta is one of my go-tos. It’s pasta and lentils simmered in crushed tomatoes, finished with lots of chopped kale, saffron, swirls of tahini and chopped almonds. I made a video of how it comes together, but the jist is to simply place most […]


[ad_1] I have very strong opinions about guacamole. Fortunately for all of our sakes, this isn’t the kind of site devoted to didactic culinary lectures; it’s not that my way is right and your way is wrong. [Don’t I sound so mature today?] If you love guacamole with chopped tomatoes, or red onion instead of […]

McDonald’s Special Sauce

It’s not like we haven’t seen enough of McDonald’s already, McDonald’s is letting its customers in on a little secret … a secret sauce, to be exact. The fast-food chain plans to hand out 10,000 bottles of free Big Mac secret sauce at various locations throughout the country. In appreciation for the new movie – […]

This is How You Step up Your Guacamole Game

[ad_1] I’m all for a straight-ahead, no-fuss, guacamole. Nine times out of ten, that’s how I approach it. Let the avocado shine. Don’t distract with tomatoes, or pomegranate seeds, or too much lemon, or too much lime. I wrote some thoughts about guacamole basics here. That tenth occasion? I’ll work in a wildcard, or take […]

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Food Lovers

[ad_1] Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! Blame it on my recent nuptials: I am in a romantic mood. And since V-Day is coming up fast (February 14, if you’ve just landed from another planet) I had fun creating this selection of fabulous Valentine’s Day gifts for food lovers. And of course, many […]

Toasted Almond Sables

[ad_1] When I go to flea markets or stop by a neighborhood garage sale, I always find myself rummaging through weathered cardboard boxes looking for cookie cutters. Vintage ones, distinctive ones. You might imagine I have drawers full of them, but that’s not actually true. I have two small shoe-box sized containers of cookie cutters. […]

French Holiday Recipes

[ad_1] Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! Christmas is just a few days away (not to stress you out or anything) and I was shocked to realize that, in thirteen years of Chocolate & Zucchini, I have never offered an actual post outlining how to host a French holiday meal. So whether you’re […]

Ten Ingredient Alkalizing Green Soup

[ad_1] This is my anti-dote to the holidays with all their sweets, drinks, and, cold, short days. You put ten ingredients in a blender, puree, and then decide if you’d like to enjoy the soup hot or cold. In winter, I like the gently heated option, but keep in mind, this is also a fantastic […]

Best of December

[ad_1] Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! How are your holidays coming along? Any fun plans for New Year’s Eve? Be sure to check my post on French Holiday Meals, and my 12 Best Food Gifts! We had such a lovely, quiet Christmas celebration this year. Now that my children are respectively 4 […]

pimento cheese potato bites

[ad_1] Sorry, I blinked and missed 2016 in that way that happens when you’re so deeply in it, you forget to look up. I went from having one kid and a tiny bundle wrapped in a blanket to have two real-live mobile children and they are impossibly cute and exhausting and I wouldn’t want it […]

chicken wonton soup

[ad_1] I don’t know why it took me so long to make this as it combines the only two things I ever want when I’m sick: chicken noodle and wonton soup. The thing is, when you’re sick, you absolutely do not want to cook anything. (Also sometimes when we’re well, to be completely honest. Shh, […]

Pickled Turmeric Eggs

[ad_1] A number of you spotted these pickled turmeric eggs in my refrigerator when I posted this shot to Instagram recently. They’re great! They’re also incredibly easy and quick to make, and convenient to have on hand. Pickled eggs, like these, will keep in your refrigerator for a week or two, and I love to […]

5 Tips for Fabulous Homemade Soups

[ad_1] Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! You know the feeling. This time of year, you’re simply dying for a bowl of something warm, comforting, and full of vitality. But as painful experiences may have shown you, good intentions and a throw-whatever-vegetables-you-have-into-the-pot approach doesn’t always work so well. For a simple, clean-out-the-fridge soup, […]

Homemade Galette des Rois Recipe

[ad_1] Buy Clotilde’s latest book, The French Market Cookbook! If you’ve ever been in France during the month of January, surely you’ve noticed the blossoming of galettes des rois in the window of every bakery and pastry shop. A puff pastry pie garnished with a buttery filling, it is the traditional confection with which the […]

crusty baked cauliflower and farro

[ad_1] I have been thinking about how it might be cool to do a bake pasta dish in which we swap the noodles for farro but leave all the great parts like cheese, so much cheese, chunks of vegetable and, most hopefully, a crunchy lid for years. Years! In that time, I have cooked hundreds […]