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North Sails The Frank Gilet Vest $59

North Sails The Frank Gilet Vest

The Frank vest is made of a super-light, technical 40-denier nylon fabric, making the vest extremely functional. Down proof and lightweight, with coil zipper for pockets and front closure along with hidden snaps for the (inside) pockets. The matte Lycra used for the hem and armholes provides extra wearing comfort. Even though the body is quilted, the vest is still incredibly lightweight and compressible, ensuring that it will pack easily into your weekend bag.


Polo, Gucci and Louis Vuitton Speak Success

You want to know why people associate these brands with success?

Brands like Polo, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton stand out because the high-quality materials used and the cost it takes to make these products. You just can’t sell any of these items at low prices. Polo, Gucci, and Louis have the most impressive brands to this day.

 These brands use the best marketing and the images they use to market. They all dominate real estate when selling their brands. You’ll never see Polo, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton on a rack, you’ll see a store within a store though. Especially Louis Vuitton, they never mark down their product prices.

The richest of the richest people buy their products. Street wear brands can never do what these guys do. Not even Nike can do what these companies do. Without the black athletes, Nike wouldn’t even be the Nike that they are. 

Street brands, Nike, and other brands need to be associated with successful athletes to do big numbers, but not Polo, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. These companies speak success and will always speak success because they own real estate and great marketing.

Watch the Vlad TV interview below on Karl Kani.






I understand honestly I do. It’s fashion but I can not be down with it, where do we draw the line fellas. Have we lost our own fashion ideas that we are now willing to steal out of the female repository. Shits got bad fellas and we need to correct this shit before dudes start wearing women’s bras and blouses. 

There should not be a man that wears a one piece anything. Guys should not have to slide up any kind of clothing, we were not made to slide clothing up pass our waist. We slide up to our waist and slide a shirt over our heads down to our waist to meet each other at the waist line. Remember the rules fellas we do not slide clothing pass the waist line. 

Our bathroom visits can not be like a women’s, little girls or baby who wears a onesie. Just imagine how you’ll look in the bathroom around your fellow gentleman.

Man,  I know Prince did it during that androgynous era when guys wore women’s heels and ruffle blouses, but even a legend like Prince found some sense to change his wardrobe up, he began to wear regular shirts and dress slacks. We weren’t easily persuaded back then, guys weren’t easily influenced by dumb shit that this new generation has been effected by. 

Do you think the men in this generation are being influenced by children and women too easily?



Looking at David Olivare’s concept sneaker it’s hard to not think of Stars Wars storm trooper from – The Empire Strikes Back. These futuristic boot-like kicks, I’d definitely find something cool to rock with them. The Y-3 concept 01 don’t look like you’ll be able to ball in these even though they’re 3 quarter footwear. Only time you would wear em would be to shovel some of that New England snow. I’m Sharif Dyson and this is another SPLURJJ first. 

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Splurjj boast style

Fashion plays an incredible portion of our day to day. From the moment we get up its on! Wiping cold from your eye has to be imported with style or its just unnecessary to wake up.  Using the proper hank would be the goal. Start with an Alfred Julius handkerchief.


Alfred Julius handkerchief


Alfred Julius handkerchief and bow tie


Alfred Julius bow tie

Both the bow tie and handkerchief were made with durability and quick-dry capability in mind, guaranteeing functionality without sacrificing looks. The pair come packaged in Activist’s wax canvas glasses case that is bound in an individually numbered sleeve.

The set is available for purchase through the Activist online shop.

Mahabis The Slipper Recreated

All the years of wearing slippers, they were ugly and took on this lame look. No style, no fashion code, just slide your foot in and comfort was key. Which brings me to introducing Mahabis, the first slipper that’s stylish, can be worn indoors, outdoors and you can change the color of your souls to color of your choice. What a spectacular slipper design!


Source []

– Mahabis


What makes UNTUCKit shirts so different? The Hem, The Fit and the pocket. I was first introduced to UNTUCKit by delta airlines Sky magazine while flying coach from San Diego into Miami, FL. UNTUCKit has a variety of Men’s dress shirts, polos, tees & henleys, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and even a section for you ladies.

“Fellas the best thing about these shirts, we can still be in a relaxed fitted shirt that hugs our torso and muscles nicely. To intrigue the women around us.”




IN THE SHOP…..Shop #inspiration #cool #clutch




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Who’s Color Blind

Each of our lives represent a color. Some people are all colors. Some are a single color and some people have no color the way they live their life.




A person that wears tans, grays, beige are boring people majority of the time. People who wear brighter colors have a brighter personality that’s ready to excite others. Dark people with a deep past usually stick to wearing blacks, navy, dark greens.

I’m not saying that’s how we should identify one an other or single any person out. Just a thought that I’m sharing and I hope it makes you think a bit.

I remember the team here at Splurjj posting a pic of a vintage turquoise skillet and received a comment from someone that read


We weren’t offended because we know the world is challenging with color. Some believe if you like color you’re gay. Others wear color because it makes them look and feel great. We say do what you feel, but create a lifestyle that’s to be suggested.


Creating a lifestyle takes adding color to it. Don’t be afraid to brighten up your day and someone Else’s life by adding some color to it.

Bike and a Bag

Bike and a Leather Bag
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike. That’s pretty close

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Cometsuicide but don’t.

We found this young lady by the name of Britta, on instagram in this wonderful colored birthday suit. Is it fashionable nowadays to wear your skin? Art is all in the mind. If you believe it, you can get others to see what you see. If not, you’re no artist. There she is below in her normal skin tone.


Instagram: @cometsuicide

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