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Nike Air Force 1 ’07 University Red & White

Now we all love a pair of Air Force 1’s, especially those that call em Airs, they’re making a statement. This pair called the University Red & White just seem a bit too commercial for me something out of a Marvel or DC comic book. This pair of footwear is more the advertiser shoe. A shoe that you want to make it known what you fucking wear on and outside the block.


The Jordan Brand Reveals The Jordan 32

Resembling a shoe from the old school film ‘The Last Dragon’. Something that Sho-Nuff who was Bruce Leroy’s rival could possibly sport with them red karate shoulder pads get-up he wore. These shoes are number 32 to the Air Jordan collection. A shoe that goes back to the 80s when MJ received the NBA’s banned letter. The below the ankle shoe will come out on October 18th while this very same shoe will be launched September 23rd.

Jordan shoe designers have always been unique when designing a shoe for the courts. This shoe is what’s happening with its semi fly knit material surrounding the bottom of the shoe and red suede on the upper around the ankle makes a perfect pair of Jordans that will make the fans go insane.


Air Jordan V White / Cement

There’s not a lot of kicks I like out here, but there’s something about the Jordan brand that always gets me stirred. I love an honest looking shoe with not much goofy shit designed into the shoe but the small details do score well with me. I love how the sole of the shoe is cement with black speckles throughout the gray giving it, that out in space effect. The all white shoe looks very clean with just a splash of university red on the inner tongue and logo area. Blue spotted on the bottom here and there but not too much. A very decent color palette for the AJ5 releasing Saturday, August 5th.


Premium Watch: Air Jordan 5 Premium Wine

Before the year is out, Jordan Brand has plans to release at least a few more premium Air Jordan 5’s. Coming this fall, a leather variation in a deep burgundy hue will land in stores, may cost you but worth every cent for you sneaker junkies.

This AJ5 has a rich leather upper with matching midsole structure. A differing liner and footbed are quilted for ultimate comfort while the “Flight” lace lock appears at the shoes centermost point. A translucent sole unit punctuates this luxe aesthetic.


Nike is releasing a John Mayer sneaker

Not only are athletes having shoes designed for them but musicians are having shoes designed after them as well. We know Kanye West designed an Adidas shoe after first going to Nike and being rejected. Now the bad boy guitarist John Mayer is releasing a Nike shoe, supposedly coming out at the end of July 2017. Mayer’s design seems to be a self-design of the NikeiD Custom Shoes.


Gayest Chuck Taylor’s Out And Frank Ocean Was Rocking ‘Em

These look like a shoe from Converse pride line. Each pair comes color blocked with an all-over sparkly finish. Just from the sounds of the scheme, no man alive should want a shoe with a sparkly finish unless you’re Frank Ocean at the FYF Fest or you wear the jean jacket from the movie ‘Girl Trip’, Get it. I can’t find a reason why a guy would want a colored block shoe with a sparkly finish unless he’s was trying to match with his daughter’s shoe, I mean that would make sense, cause you love your kids but other than that leave them on display.





Hitting the streets in 5 days exactly. Are the AJ31 in above the ankle height AJ’s in all black and metallic gold. With a spec of gold trim around a darkened shoe, this shoe sets the tone to whoever wears these kicks. The shoe fades from black leather around the heel to an all black tightly stitched knit material in the front end of the shoe. Hat goes off to the Air Jordan Design team.


Behind the creation of a custom ‘Transformer’ Air Jordan 5

Mark Wahlberg was the guy behind designing the AJ5. He said his original thought was to have an AJ4 that could possibly transform into an AJ5, which in reality was not possible. Technology has grown but we are not at the stage to see sneakers transform into other sneakers yet! Instead, he sat at the Headquarters with the Jordan design team and they designed a shoe more realistic. Using a futuristic blend of colors and materials, with a shiny oil-slick upper with grid patterns and a glow-in-the-dark sole completing the shoe appearance.




First seen winning marathons in the 80s, the Air Mariah is back with a new, sleek feel. Featuring technology from the innovative Flyknit Racer, the Air Zoom Mariah boldly returns to the forefront of running sportswear. The new colorway features electric details to signal the shoe’s radical infusion of new technology.




Once the Corsair was reintroduced to the world and the L.A. streets as the “Cortez” in 1972 under the Nike brand, right when gang banging was taking flight in a major way. Nike itself described the shoe as having a “…thick, long wearing outer sole, full-length sponge with a mid-sole cushion to absorb road shock and reduce leg fatigue.” Cortez has never been my type of kick I’d rock but the tale behind this shoe design would make me cop a pair with the quickness. Los Angeles has been considered the home of Cortez since day one. Nike has partnered with the gentleman below to hand draw the unmistakable details and mixed ’em up with the gum sole grounds. Nice blend Nike and Mr. Cartoon you’ve prepared here.

“Most of us in the Los Angeles area of the brown and Black races didn’t really rock tennis shoes until we knew we was goin’ somewhere we had to run from the police. We was wearin’ Stacy Adams, floorshines, French toes, and biscuits before that. Then the Chuck Taylor was first tennis shoe, but I always keep a set of Nike Cortez.”




BALLY has been laying low over the years I thought. Until I came across the ASCAR by BALLY. A really nice pair of kicks up there with the Yeezy sneakers but it’s BALLY. No disrespect to Yeezy but he’s just getting in the game and charging cats $500 to $600 for his kicks. These trainers by BALLY can really be worn to train in and you’ll look good for the time being and not just a pop culture look either. The leather surrounding the shoe doesn’t look too damn comfortable. Do you agree? Due to the patent leather upper above the heel of the shoe, I decided to give this shoe a 6. The style is on point, leather seems to be tough from the look of things and the sole may have a 50/50 chance of being content. With 5 colors to choose from and discounted on two of the 5 colors plus an extra %20 off. They’re worth the buy SPLURJJ says.



The Reebok Classic Leather Joints

During my younger freshman hustler years, I sported the Reebok classic all white and or black leather joints cause they just looked good in the summer with either the half breed socks or no socks, that honestly was the only proper way to rock these joints. I mean you had cats trying to sport them with the wrong shit on and they just didn’t get seen cause their swag was way off. See, the dudes couldn’t rock anything else but these, the NB 574 which I’ll post soon or a pair of Air Force 1’s which I’ll post following. Now if you were stacking paper as you should’ve been doing then you kept all 3 styles and all the available colors that were necessary.



Fresh Pair Air Jordan 5 Retro

My all time favorite pair of kicks was the Air Jordan 5 which is now Retro. They’ve returned and if you were anything like my families broke asses when we were young all your moms could afford were a pair of Asics from Modell’s or ya ass got them hi-top white, red and blue Olympians from Fayva. Get your ass a pair to celebrate like I do now, but only if you own your home, car, and kids. Lmao! Don’t go drop $190 on a pair of kicks and you still living with moms, languishing on the top bunk of your sister bed, ok you mutha fuckas!



New Balance Men’s 574 Flight Jacket Shoes Black

Throughout the 80s, 90s and repeating this era is the militant fashion appearance in the streets. The custom never withered away especially if you were a doughboy on the city street corner, trapping is what they call it now but you get the meaning. These kicks by New Balance are also the 574 series with a twist of flight on em’. Very nice spin, this will be a pair I get once I’m done with this post.


New Balance 574 Navy Blue with the Gum Sole 

Silky. Modern. Coveted. With a monochromatic design and pineapple gum sole, this men’s 574 will become go-to in your hebdomadal starters. Premium leather from heel to toe in your choice of fresh white or deep black – no collection is complete without it. The New Balance 574 series were the only pair of kicks I ever rocked in my days and this era. Honestly!, if you’re from the city, New York City the only series you rock are the 574. Their sleek chic design and beefy sole just make you feel timid wearing any of series that come slim and frail.





Looking at David Olivare’s concept sneaker it’s hard to not think of Stars Wars storm trooper from – The Empire Strikes Back. These futuristic boot-like kicks, I’d definitely find something cool to rock with them. The Y-3 concept 01 don’t look like you’ll be able to ball in these even though they’re 3 quarter footwear. Only time you would wear em would be to shovel some of that New England snow. I’m Sharif Dyson and this is another SPLURJJ first. 

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Gucinari Navy Suede Chelsea Boots

Boots are a definitive go-to footwear for fall, yet the standard dark or cocoa can get somewhat drained. Shoes like these are extraordinary in light of the fact that they give you the solace of a boot without the mass. In addition, you never need to touch a ribbon. If you’re not rocking these this fall then you’re not on point with your shoe fame.


A naval force softened cowhide chelsea boot in debauched dull blue. The adjusted toe and outsole has a lighter join point of interest and there is a side gusset and additionally pull up tab. The sole is hard wearing elastic in naval force and this is strengthened by cowhide groups. A softened cowhide chelsea boot that will buckle down for you.

• Suede upper, cowhide covering, calfskin and elastic sole

• Also accessible in dark, cocoa and dark softened cowhide


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