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The Reebok Classic Leather Joints

During my younger freshman hustler years, I sported the Reebok classic all white and or black leather joints cause they just looked good in the summer with either the half breed socks or no socks, that honestly was the only proper way to rock these joints. I mean you had cats trying to sport them with the wrong shit on and they just didn’t get seen cause their swag was way off. See, the dudes couldn’t rock anything else but these, the NB 574 which I’ll post soon or a pair of Air Force 1’s which I’ll post following. Now if you were stacking paper as you should’ve been doing then you kept all 3 styles and all the available colors that were necessary.



Diesel S-Furyy

I’ve been a fan of the diesel footwear collection for at least 12 years now. The sneakers have a martial arts appeal to them which translate into fashionable outerwear in the public. They’re not just worn to kick ass anymore. 



  • Y01373_P0927_H6037_D.jpeg
  • Y01373_P0927_H6037_F.jpeg
  • Y01373_P0927_H6037_A.jpeg

A love for style is what I do have, tolerance for evil isn’t what I waste my time on. I found these sneakers to add to our Fresh category while once a lady friend of mine Kelly had contacted me using harassing awful words I really didn’t care to hear. I wish I had a pair of these Diesel shoes to rock tomorrow to show good faith for her red devilish words that came from her mouth and bounced off of my ears. I put God first in all that I do and intend to wear Diesel shoes with God in mind. $125.00 and you’ll be kicking the devil’s ass throughout your war room. Kelly, no weapon formed against me shall prosper.


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