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William Peel

Blended Scotch Whisky with a sparse punch of honey, Aged in oak cask which makes the best Scottish tradition, William Peel is the finest of all blends. Made using 18 different malts and grain, William Peel’s popularity in France is prestige.

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Shinsegae Craft Liquor

Inspired to revisit we deliver to you, an absolutely gorgeous design for Shinsegae traditional Liquor. Designed by Plus X, bottles are labeled with intricate geometric symbols, all corresponding to the process making the elixir. With a minimalistic aesthetic, the design caters to the contemporary market while still holding on to tradition.


“Shinsegae Traditional Liquor Design Renewal is a design talent donation project of Shinsegae department store. Korean traditional liquor contains various tastes and smell. However, its identity was not as much recognized as wine or Japanese sake.
The overall design was renewed to maintain the tradition and features of liquor and to build up a single representative identity.”




“Bottles were designed to reflect the features of rice wine, fruit liquor and distilled liquor. The main graphic motifs were fixed based on the various materials, and these motifs were modulated as elements of communication through consistent application on logos, labels, packages and spaces.”

Revisited Elizabeth Freeman original article.

Cigars On Ice.

Malo Culo.
ADDICTIONS by @don_d_whitman for @ellementsmagazine | Makeup by @kenyehart Model Eva Harris
One of Ellements Magazine Captures. Checkout their magazine you’ll find several pieces that catch your eyes attention. To be attentive is to be in love.

Bourbon Brothers

Bourbon Brothers // LUST // Poison
Stop trying to make it work. Start trying to make it epic

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Not Abnormal

I stopped drinking Whisky about 6 months ago along with all the other wines and spirits but I still know about a great Whisky. Think successfully and work until it’s time to drink. Cheers my friends. Thanks for following. Download the App

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