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Shinola Canfield Over-Ear Headphones

Tuned and balanced in Detroit The Canfield Over-Ear Headphones. A quality so clear it allows anyone to experience music the way the engineer hears it — beautifully produced. From the stainless steel components, and the integrated padding in the headband, to the interchangeable memory foam lambskin ear pads, the Over-Ear headphones are a revelation in listening.


The Runwell 41mm

The Runwell 41mm by Shinola is a timepiece you should add to your ticker collection if you’re a faithful watch collector. Sported by a Mediterranean blue sea colored leather strap matching its clock face, The Runwell 41mm isn’t your everyday watch but can be dressed well in white collared dress shirts to pop from the white collared tunic shirt cuffs encompassing your wrist. The Runwell has swiss imported parts and engineered to the finest quality down to the minor design detail of the Shinola yellow gold lightning bolt on the watch strap buckle.


Power Supply 5 Port + Dual USB $185

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To continue with the flow of that Valentine red I am hitting you with this Shinola 5 port + dual USB power supply to have you lay beside your platform bed if you’re a cool guy needing that feel of power. Something about Shinola speaks status, quality, and worth every dollar you will spend on their products. I’m an old school cool guy, I remember Shinola when they were making BMX parts way back in the 80’s to compliment my Redline I had at the time. Whenever you get a second check out the Shinola website and see what they have to offer you, or maybe you want to suggest something from them we could feature. Either way, you’ll be checking out the coolest products you can get your hands on.

Specs if you need em’:

  • Construction
    Die-case metal
  • Finish
    Powder coat
  • Features
    Dual port charging USB window, 2.1Amp with 21 watts total output, 5V. Includes circuit breaker re-set button.
  • Voltage
    125V, 15A
  • Cord
    8 ft, 14g cord


Men’s Champ Sweatshirt $180


To give you the bullshit e-commerce websites sales pitch

You May
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Would be cliche, I say buy what you want and if you don’t like how it looks on you then return it back to the shop you purchased it off of. Online shopping can be a tad bit annoying, yeah, easy, but so damn annoying. You waited all of the 3-5 days for the sweatshirt you picked out from your favorite online shop to finally receive the product and to be totally disappointed with your purchase. When the shirt arrives it feels nothing like it looks and fits nothing like you imagined. So, you now stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom wondering could you pull this off tonight. You know, wear some shit that’s totally uncomfortable and not because it doesn’t fit, you just don’t feel the swag coming off of it at all. The way the guy in the posted online image looked in it, you said that’s the shit but it’s not the shit so you return the shit.

Trust one thing, if you find any type of fitted tee shirt, nice fit sweatshirt or a thermal shirt to hug your guns that makes you seem brolic off of the SPLURJJ website, you best of believing the piece you purchase will not be the last piece you find from us and the last piece you won’t persuade yourself into buying. We’re plain geniuses when it comes to style, life, and chick magnet clothing.

A vintage-inspired style nostalgic of the 1970s, this heather gray raglan knit pullover features a chenille textured Champ Logo across the chest. Designed in an athletic silhouette that combines comfort and style, and made of 100% cotton mélange French terry with diagonal loop back in a year-round weight. Details include a full knit body, a rib knit side panel, and ribbed crew neck, cuffs and hem. Designed in-house and produced in Southern California. (Shinola website)



What most guys tend to do is follow a trend. I say fuck trends and be a trend setter. If you’re trying to look like everyone else that’s easy. Just go to your local mall and pick out what you think is an original, except thousands have already purchased it long before you. Or what you can do to stand out, is pick up this Shinola screen printed logo sweatshirt on the Shinola Detroit website. This is how you become a trendsetter and you do know being different is a lifestyle.

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