Diesel S-GLORYY Sneakers

It has been written in the good book to give Jesus the glory, but in this particular circumstance, we’re going to be transferring the glory to our feet. Though they’re made with faux leather, more like fake leather and suede they display unusual cool V emblems on the kicks. //BUY

The Pronto Bordeaux by Greats

Premium sneaker mogul Greats has a pair of kicks that belong apart of your closets shoe collection. The Pronto is made to spec in Civitanova, Italy—known in the trade as “shoe valley”—where each shoe is built to the utmost standards. Only available in limited quantities, don’t let this special-edition shoe pass you by. They’ve also upgraded […]

The Rise of Sneaker Culture

  “Wait… I sneaker exhibit at The High?!” That was the general reaction when people learned that Atlanta’s finest museum would have a bunch of rubber-soled athletic shoes on display this summer. The concept intrigued me so I made plans to go opening night, and I must say it was quite the experience. THE OPENING NIGHT: […]

A good looking shoe

Men’s lifestyle Guide has and will always share the light with the beautiful sole of a woman. From Milan design week Another United nude a.k.a @unitednude to it’s Instagram followers, creates innovative fashionable designs for the $fee male. We all have that significant other whose closet happens to spill into our half of the closet […]