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Sony WF-1000X Wireless Earphones

Offering noise canceling, NFC wireless charging, and a ten-foot transmission range, the WF-1000X handles calls and music streaming with ease. The quarter-inch dome drivers provide crisp, clear sound and the built-in batteries allow for three hours of use between charges. Sony’s charging case can deliver 75 minutes of playback with only 15 minutes of charging and has the power capacity for two complete charges before it needs to be plugged in. The headphones also come with a slew of in-ear buds to ensure you find the perfect fit.


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The Infinix Note 4

The Infinix Note 4 appears to be the next big smartphone technology to be coming up against Samsungs Note 8. With the newest cutting edge 5.7 display, lightning speed charging at 0-100% in 90 minutes of charging that’s fully charged in no time. You actually only need 5-minutes of charge to listen to 6 hours of music offline. The front of the phone designed much like the iPhone 7 and the rear imitates exactly like its rival the Samsung Note. All other features of the Infinix Note4 Pro are really no biggie, like ID access with fingerprint an Octa-core chipset and 13MP powerful camera.



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has given an official date to release the new Samsung Note 8 on August 23rd. The Samsung Note 8 will not start selling until late September or October so it will be some time before we can pocket the powerful flagship phone ourselves but let’s hope we don’t have an explosive in our pockets this time around. I’ve always been a fan of the Note series, felt like I played some betrayal on my part when I crossed over to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

This Note 8 is expected to be even bigger coming in a 6.3-inch display in the palm of your hand. The Note 8 will arrive just in time for the Christmas holiday but will have to compete against all new iPhone 8 this season. Will be a tough battle for the two competitors. With pricing being around the same $900 range and both having some awesome features, like Note 8 stylus features being upgraded but this is only a rumor so let’s not bank on it yet but do be excited.



Bluetooth Smart Watch Under $100

Bluetooth Smart Watch 2.5D ARC HD Screen Wearable Smartphone for iPhone Android Samsung HTC

If you were ever looking on the market for iPhone smartwatch, however, you just couldn’t bear it because you’re on a budget as you’re having a custom home constructed. No longer fret, the boys here at SPLURJJ got you wrapped. We discovered the neatest, resembling match to the iPhone watch that may also be used with Android devices. It’s well under $100 so you can still design that superb house without having to break the bank.


Samsung Galaxy S8+

New and improved Samsung Galaxy S8+ has lots of new features. Like the number one new feature, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is $100 more. The price of the S8 was $750 and the plus is $850. How does the phone differ from the Note 7 we have all been patiently waiting for but seems to be continuously skipped for production, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is longer but the Note 7 was wider. S8 Plus’ battery is actually a little smaller than the Galaxy S7 Edge. I was going to jump from my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus today but was unsure with the jump. I’ll do a bit more research and I’ll let you know if it’s worth jumping.


Nokia 3310

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With this Nokia 3310 we’re going back to the future and digging up an oldie but goodie phone before we were rudely introduced by the Smartphones. Features you wish your $800 Smartphone had even way before it’s hefty price tag unlike the tag on the Nokia which happens to be $49. You can buy 16 Nokia phones compared to buying one iPhone 7.





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Selfly is a smart camera that is a drone cell-phone case that flies and takes pictures right from your smartphone. Catch amazing moments, the best angles ever taken by your smartphone.


O2 Bluetooth Earphone by Shane Li

O2 Bluetooth Earphone by Shane Li

Tangled cords are a daily earphone annoyance which makes Bluetooth models an appealing option. Shane Li has created a concept that not only keeps your cords neat, it has a built-in power bank that charges the earphones while you’re carrying them around. The O2 Bluetooth Earphone is a compact unit that easily fits in your pocket until you’re ready to use it.

When not in use, the earphones plug into the unit to charge and are always ready to use.

An O2 mobile app lets you adjust the volume and monitor the battery life.


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Ferrari iPhone Cover

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  • 80789944030175.5805afbd363aa.jpg

Student, designer Rohit Bhutra out of Singapore has been on a roll, designing cool ass coffee tables, natural water purifiers to clear the debris and now this Ferrari iPhone cover that will fit the iPhone 7.


Jack by Podo Labs

To keep it short and simple – Jack allows you to make any Headphones Wireless – On the software side, Jack is the only adapter to have the sharing feature which enables you to sync headphones and wirelessly share music with a friend. Any headphones that receive audio through a 3.5mm cable will work with Jack. Only two Jacks can sync directly with each other. There will be some lag, as no Bluetooth product can stream with zero lag. However, whether you can tell depends on your sensitivity–our target is to reduce lag to less than 100 milliseconds. With 5,543 backers and a pledged amount of $20,000 and have already reached almost $250k this product by Podo Labs seems to be kick-ass off of Kickstarter.


The First Levitating Turntable

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  • d766c603dd466da4f19d1f8b9f53a098_original.jpeg
  • d777d94d1c901b5d7a31ac276a7bec92_original.jpeg

MAG-LEV Audio | The First Levitating Turntable

Never give up they say, they also say, if it isn’t broken do not fix it. Well, the turntable has never been broken and no one has ever broken the turntable. I’m not speaking in a sense of the turntable actually being broken or damaged I hope you do know this. MAG-LEV Audio has broken the barrier by taking history and restoring its specs. I’m specifically speaking just on behalf of this well-designed futuristic phonograph electronics that a guy need have in his dwelling. How did they actually do it? How did they create a levitating turntable? Bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living space is what they call it. But how? How does that work exactly?

So after doing some research, the MAG-LEV was made for people who love listening to music by people who have a love for music. The team of eight guys, with backgrounds in design, electrical, engineering and one production expert created a gem for an aged medium in days of yore.  With high range components and a levitating platter, your experience with the vinyl record will be heightened. Featured in HYPEBEAST, Mixmag, and design-milk just to name a few, also found a love for this unique turntable of the future.




Parrot Zik 3

The Coolest headphones by Parrot are the Zik 3 the latest iteration of their series – features Bluetooth and the capability of changing tracks by a simple swipe to the ear pads. The series charger is sold separately even those these earphones are $400 worth sound – 6 colors to choose from – harmonious with android and apple smartwatches, you can control particulars right from your wrist.


Transparent Speaker

This transparent speaker has built-in sensors that detect when parts need to be replaced, repaired or updated, and notifies users via their smartphones.

The Small Transparent Speaker was designed and launched on Kickstarter by Stockholm studio People People. It is intended as a reaction against excessive consumer waste, particularly electronic waste.


Android Wear 2.0

Smartwatches might have failed to take over the world last year, but Google will still make good of its promise to release Android Wear 2.0 in Q1 2017. According to a letter addressed to developers and published by Android Police, the long-awaited up…


Smartphone Projector

This nifty gadget allows you to watch movies directly from your Smartphone off of a wall, drapery or some sort of white background. Home cinema in a box includes the projector, speaker. Requires 4 AAA batteries.

Please note that this product is intended as a fun gift and is not suitable for commercial or professional projections. It functions by reflecting the image on your phone through a glass lens which will mean any text will appear in reverse.



Mini Flip Cup Set for $49

Mini Flip Cup Set for $49

Table’s Occupied? Bring Your Flip Cup to the Floor Like a Man
Expires December 27, 2016 23:59 PST
Buy now and get 16% off


You’re at a party and the only suitable game table is covered in “chips” and “cheese and crackers” and not piles and piles of red cups and Natty Ice like you had hoped it would be. What to do? You bring your Mini Flip Cup board along. This marvel of drunken American ingenuity and engineering miniaturizes flip cup so you can drink, flip, and scream at your opponents on the coffee table, on the floor, or in the host’s bed. And that’s just one scenario!

  • Line cups up for a 4 vs. 4 game
  • Minimize the mess w/ small, reusable cups & controlled flippers
  • Pack the board up & take it w/ you anywhere – it’s lightweight & easy to carry


Details & Requirements

  • Made in the USA


    • Wooden game board
    • 8 flippers
    • 4 rubber feet
    • Box and instruction card
    • 20 reusable cups

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