JanSport Hatchet Special Edition

  Personally, I’ve never given a fuck but theirs a title for the leather patch sewn on the outside of some backpacks. Turns out that patch is called “lash tab” or “pig snout”, according to Marie Claire. Historically the outdoorsmen would attach ice axes to the tab with a rope for easy access. Modern assholes […]

Zarooq Motors: First Emirati car manufacturer

The SandRacer is a supercar designed for the desert and the road , capable of riding dunes and tarmac, in style, with the distinctive performance and look of a striking supercar . A racing tubular chassis (1300kg) built by GP engineers, with a rear-mid mounted V8 delivering 500hp, 2 seater, RWD, 45cm suspension travel and premium […]

Tomcar Fun

The Tomcar TE4 looks just about ready for any venture you and I may have in mind. Whether you’re seeking to crack the deserted lands of Arizona red dirt, rocky boulder terrain or Utah’s snowy downhill mountain raceway you will be outfitted when in this Tomcar TE4. Switch from FWD, RWD, and AWD in instant […]