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JanSport Hatchet Special Edition


Personally, I’ve never given a fuck but theirs a title for the leather patch sewn on the outside of some backpacks. Turns out that patch is called “lash tab” or “pig snout”, according to Marie Claire. Historically the outdoorsmen would attach ice axes to the tab with a rope for easy access. Modern assholes may thread some earbuds through it or shoe laces for some fucking style but that totally blows the purpose of the leather tab. I wrote this post originally focused on the leather tab but while at it, I thought I share a cool backpack which your asses.






Zarooq Motors: First Emirati car manufacturer

The SandRacer is a supercar designed for the desert and the road , capable of riding dunes and tarmac, in style, with the distinctive performance and look of a striking supercar . A racing tubular chassis (1300kg) built by GP engineers, with a rear-mid mounted V8 delivering 500hp, 2 seater, RWD, 45cm suspension travel and premium interior.


Tomcar Fun

  • te4-8-1920x700.jpeg
  • te4-5-1-1920x700.jpeg
  • te4-7-1920x700.jpeg
  • te4-3-1-1920x700.jpeg
  • te4-2-1-1920x700.jpeg

The Tomcar TE4 looks just about ready for any venture you and I may have in mind. Whether you’re seeking to crack the deserted lands of Arizona red dirt, rocky boulder terrain or Utah’s snowy downhill mountain raceway you will be outfitted when in this Tomcar TE4. Switch from FWD, RWD, and AWD in instant right from a 10-inch digital tablet. This year I’ll be headed up to Sedona to play in the dirt with a copious Tomcar selection. I’ll post pics of my Sedona weekend getaway so stay tuned and download the SPLURJJ app on the Google Play Store.


RAD (1986) BMX Racing Special Edition

This movie sits in a hidden place in my heart, so whenever I need to find my way back home I can revisit without the troubles of the world. I find BMX to be an inspiration to children whether African-American, White-American, Hispanic or Asian. Kids dream to do cool tricks on their bikes that inspire and motivate others around them while copping the chance to show off.

BMX had changed the cultures, a youngsters color of their skin never mattered. You were either cool cause of your tricks or you were cool cause your tricks sucked. Either way, you were accepted in for failing after trying or succeeding after attempting so many times.

The sport had ringed on so many home doorbells around the world with no question in regards to segregation, separation or my favorite word “hateration”. We all need to get back to the basics and take it from the BMX-ers in the world. You’re either in or you’re out but nevermind what the color of your flesh tone may be. The question that stands, does he wear “Vans”.



does he wear “Vans”.

I can tell you exactly how cool this movie really is from a past experience I encountered. Okay, so I was an IT and had been doing some work in the city outside of Minneapolis, yeah it’s Prince city and yes I have been to his home, maybe I’ll share a couple pics that I took. Let me get back to my storytelling. With not one guy working on this project in sight, even a shade of my skin complexion, we were still able to relate to the movie “RAD”.

We were all talking about what we do to pass time while in town and of course I said, well, I sit in my hotel room and watch RAD. What! with everyone’s eyes all lit up except for one younger kid around the age 25 who just hadn’t been in the park much cause he got breastfed, he didn’t know about RAD. We get to talking about this radical film and boom! we have a gang of shit in common. Of course, everyone wanted to pull out their thumb drives on-site and have me download a copy to their drives.

With copyright infringement at hand, I didn’t do it. You get the drift of what I’m saying about this movie, the sport, and BMX in a whole. It takes people who know nothing about each other and bring them together.



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