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First released in 1996, the Air Jordan XII brought performance and luxury to the court. Its design reflected the maturity and refinement of a superstar who had settled into his status as a legend. The latest edition makes an understatement with a suede construction and tonal grey upper. Metallic gold eyelets throw it back to the original 1996 Taxi colorway.


North Sails The Frank Gilet Vest $59

North Sails The Frank Gilet Vest

The Frank vest is made of a super-light, technical 40-denier nylon fabric, making the vest extremely functional. Down proof and lightweight, with coil zipper for pockets and front closure along with hidden snaps for the (inside) pockets. The matte Lycra used for the hem and armholes provides extra wearing comfort. Even though the body is quilted, the vest is still incredibly lightweight and compressible, ensuring that it will pack easily into your weekend bag.


Nike Air Max Modern Essential (All Black)

By the late 70s, Nike had been working on its air sole. By 1987 Nike presented the first Air Max which allowed Nike air sole fans to no longer just have to settle for the feeling of the air sole, they could now visually experience the air bubble from the exterior of the shoe.



The Pinnacle of the “Take Flight”

The Pinnacle of the “Take Flight”

The Jumpman sneaker has always remained one of many favorites since the very first Air Jordan sneaker launched in 1985. Designed by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, the original Air Jordan II was unique in that it was made in Italy giving the shoe a luxury feel. These very remarkable patterns were announced in December 2016 for this years April 2017 line. The military has been a part of style for as long as I can recollect. A very noble alliance of footwear fashion that you can swing in the streets, do not be the demure run order you a pair if they’re still available. Places to search if your unsuccessful are, Craigslist and other barter, auctions trading websites.


Waterproof Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse has received quite a few upgrades across the line due to their 100th Anniversary, but the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 100 GORE-TEX Hi takes the sneaker to an all new, waterproof level. The partnership with GORE-TEX allowed Converse to create something that looks and feels like the classic Chuck Hi kicks you’ve been sporting for years except now you don’t have to worry about wearing them outside for fear of getting caught in a downpour. We’re not going to have exact details about the construction until the newest iteration of the legendary sneakers drop later this year, but they’re rumored to have a gusseted tongue and a complete wraparound GORE-TEX treatment to ensure your feet stay nice and dry regardless of how many music festivals you wear them to. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 100 GORE-TEX Hi sneakers are expected to drop in September of this year.



I understand honestly I do. It’s fashion but I can not be down with it, where do we draw the line fellas. Have we lost our own fashion ideas that we are now willing to steal out of the female repository. Shits got bad fellas and we need to correct this shit before dudes start wearing women’s bras and blouses. 

There should not be a man that wears a one piece anything. Guys should not have to slide up any kind of clothing, we were not made to slide clothing up pass our waist. We slide up to our waist and slide a shirt over our heads down to our waist to meet each other at the waist line. Remember the rules fellas we do not slide clothing pass the waist line. 

Our bathroom visits can not be like a women’s, little girls or baby who wears a onesie. Just imagine how you’ll look in the bathroom around your fellow gentleman.

Man,  I know Prince did it during that androgynous era when guys wore women’s heels and ruffle blouses, but even a legend like Prince found some sense to change his wardrobe up, he began to wear regular shirts and dress slacks. We weren’t easily persuaded back then, guys weren’t easily influenced by dumb shit that this new generation has been effected by. 

Do you think the men in this generation are being influenced by children and women too easily?



Looking at David Olivare’s concept sneaker it’s hard to not think of Stars Wars storm trooper from – The Empire Strikes Back. These futuristic boot-like kicks, I’d definitely find something cool to rock with them. The Y-3 concept 01 don’t look like you’ll be able to ball in these even though they’re 3 quarter footwear. Only time you would wear em would be to shovel some of that New England snow. I’m Sharif Dyson and this is another SPLURJJ first. 

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Diesel S-Furyy

I’ve been a fan of the diesel footwear collection for at least 12 years now. The sneakers have a martial arts appeal to them which translate into fashionable outerwear in the public. They’re not just worn to kick ass anymore. 


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