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Hair Care with Dove Men+Care

how_to_get_thicker_hair_for_menLately my hair has become a big issue for me. As much as I hate to admit it, it is rapidly depleting and I am always trying to figure out new ways to hold on to what is left lol. I think back to growing up and all the shit I put in my hair from bad shampoo to relaxer to dye. Even though my parents told me not to, I did it anyway. Damn. Maybe they were right!

As much as many guys hate to admit it, taking care of your hair is important and is part of one’s overall health. One of the recent lines of products I’ve tried out is Dove Men+Care. I really like the 2-in-1 shampoo because it just makes my hair feel thicker immediately. And it leaves it super smooth. I was able to sit down with, or rather email back and forth with, professional skateboarder and super dad Andy Schrock and talk to him a little bit about how Dove is integrating into his active lifestyle and helping keep his hair and body healthy. Check out the interview and check out the Dove Men+Care products if you’ve been thinking about switching up your hair and body care routine.

20160906-_H9A1314Q: So I think we are about the same age, and I skated from about age 14-24. So, naturally, I have to begin with asking what your favorite video and/or part is? 
A: Ah, there’s so many good skate videos! I’d have to go with Zero Skateboard’s Misled Youth. That really shaped me into what kind of skateboarder I wanted to be as a teenager. I probably watched it 300 times.

Q: I loved going through some of the videos you’ve uploaded of your son. I have a one year old myself and I’m excited to be able to teach him how to skate. How happy are you that he is goofy footed? I mean, I don’t know what I’ll do if my son wants to be regular.
A: Haha! Well, I may have guided him a little bit to skate goofy footed for sure, but now that he is for sure pushing the same way as me, I’m so pumped to help him with and watch him learn tricks. It’s so rad to see his excitement when he does something new.

Q: Now down to what we’re here for. Hair. When did you make it a point to take care of your hair and why?
A: As you get older you begin to start noticing differences in your appearance, but before this campaign I never spent a lot of time looking into it. Working with Dove Men+Care definitely provided me with the information I needed to improve how I care for my hair. In the Dove Men+Care Hair Fall study, 90% of the dermatologists surveyed agreed that men today aren’t aware of how everyday activities can contribute to hair fall due to breakage. I was definitely one of them – that is until I started working with Dove Men+Care. Now I’m more informed than ever and have started making adjustments to improve my hair health.20160906-_H9A1311

Q: Why did you choose Dove Men+Care over all the other hair care products out there catered to men?
A: I’m a big fan of Dove Men+Care products, especially their 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners. I use the 2 in 1 Thick and Strong Shampoo on a regular basis, so it was a natural fit to work with them. Being a father and a husband are top priorities for me as well, so working with a brand that appreciates those values was very important to me.

Q: What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed since you began using the Dove Men+Care line of products?
A: From using the Dove Men+Care’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner regularly, my hair feels stronger, more resilient and can keep up with my busy schedule. Usually my day consists of shooting videos, play time with Ryden and skateboarding, all of which takes a toll on my hair. No one day looks the same in my career, so having a head of hair that is prepared for whatever lies ahead – from campaign shoots, to filming a new video for my channel – has made all the difference.

Q: What Dove Men+Care products do you use daily and which is your favorite?
A: My personal favorite is the Thick and Strong 2-in-1 Shampoo. It’s a go to product for me that cuts down on the amount of time I spend washing my hair.
Aside from that, I always use the Clean Comfort deodorant, and the Control Gel occasionally for date night!

Q: As a father, what would like to pass down to your son about taking care of one’s appearance?
A: I want to pass down to Ryden that treating yourself with care and incorporating that into your everyday life is important. When you’re an adult, it is easier to forget about yourself due to responsibilities and work. I don’t want him to fall into that habit, so it starts with him seeing me taking proper care of myself. He grew to love skateboarding from spending so much time with me, and I want him to learn to love taking care of himself by my example as well.
The general attitude of stopping for a moment before we do anything in life, before we do something, and thinking “how can I do this correctly,” is very important to me. General health is at the top of this list. So as long as he is doing that, then mission accomplished for me as a father!

Q: And finally, what is your favorite trick that you have landed?
A: Ah, that’s a tough one! In my latter years I’ve been getting more technical and creative than I did as a teenager, but I think the trick that sticks out the most to me is my boardslide on the Hollywood 16 Stair. It’s just a boardslide I know, but to hit such a big and iconic spot has always had a spot in my heart! Not to get too mushy, haha.


This post was sponsored by Dove. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Two sides are better than one – NYFW DAY 1

Two sides are better than one – NYFW DAY 1



Being my 1st time attending shows at Fashion Week I did all the typical research anyone should when going to an event for the 1st time. Although it was;t my 1st time in New York I knew I was going to walk into a world that I have never seen before. After reading pages and pages on other bloggers first time at fashion week, I began to see a reoccurring message. “Make sure you make time to relax”, “Wear comfortable shoes that you can run around in all day”, “Carry snacks in your purse, because you will not get much time to eat in between shows”. I’m typically a stubborn person and tend to choose my path but boy am I glad that I listened to those voices.

Day 1 of fashion week consisted of landing in New York, rushing to my hotel to check in and then 30 minutes to change, put on my makeup, fix my hair and hail a cab. Now I know as women we are able to accomplish many things in a very little amount of time, but I must say I have never completed so much in so little time in my life!

After the show, a met a girlfriend for a late lunch in Midtown only to realize, IT WAS MY 1ST MEAL OF THE DAY. I totally fought off hunger pains throughout the day due to the lack of time I had in between shows; safe to say I didn’t listen to that one piece of advice from a follow blogger). With 2 more shows left to attend later that night I decided I needed a mental break from all things fashion week and took that time to slip into a pair of comfy sneakers and take a stroll down by the Hudson. The one thing I love the most about New York is that just in a matter of blocks, a whole atmosphere of an area shifts. With all the madness going on downtown it was nice to be able to get away for a couple of hours and regain my sanity before dipping myself back into the whirlwind of all things Fashion Week.

All in all, I survived day 1 and that was more than I could ask for; stay tuned for the rest of my time and days I spent during NYFWurl.jpg_11763274.jpg


Happily Ever Fryman

Happily Ever Fryman



They say as you get older, you go through waves of people in your life who seem to all get married at once. I cannot believe I’m already on my first wave. Nonetheless I had the great opportunity to witness one of my greatest and sweetest friends get married to the love of his life.

If it’s anything I love is a wedding, better yet, an outdoor wedding. This past weekend my two best friends from high school packed our bags, stocked up on red bulls and candy and hit the road in our sleek 2016 Mazda C-X5. Now I’ve lived in Georgia pretty much all my life but I can say Tipton is definitely one spot that I’ve never ventured off. Boy were we in the south but it was undeniably beautiful, peaceful and filled with an overwhelming sense of tranquility.

Other than the breathe taking views, it was great getting the chance to see all my friends from high school and have somewhat of a reunion. They say time flies by the older you get and I will say certainly felt like a lifetime since I’ve last seen many of those people.

img_0004 img_0003 img_0007




Big thanks to Drive Shop ATL and Mazda for letting us see our best friend get married in style and comfort. I can honestly say, this car has more bells and whistles than I even knew what to do with.




img_0268 img_0272

Classic With A Twist

Classic With A Twist

 OTKW06-15-1-17  OTKW06-15-1-34


There are a few key pieces every girl should have in her closet. If it’s one thing that I have in excess, it’s white shirts. Something about the crispness and classic look of a white shirt makes it almost impossible for me to resist buying. This summer season I added another number to my closet but boy is it nothing like anything I already have.

Classic is always chis but when you add a twist to it like a a tiered peplum in the front you can’t but snag it up immediately. Living in Georgia and considering how HOT  and humid it gets, white shirts typically aren’t a crowd favorite. I found this awesome light weight, sleeveless top and it solved all my problems- I got to incorporate my classic white shirt into my wardrobe while also keeping cool due to the light, breezy fabric. I will say though when I find something as versitle as this top you would be a fool not to buy it in every color  it comes in. Soo naturally I did.

You can pair this top with pretty much anything and for pretty much an occasion. For a date night, printed shorts was my choice but you can definitely dress it down by pairing it with your favorite white skinnys or classic denim with flats or a pair of slack and pumps for the work day. Its a win win for everyone. If I were reading this, I would stop what I was doing, and go purchase this before it’s all gone!

Happy shopping

                                    Fine Cotton Sleeveless Seam Detail Top Cotton Seam Detail Top 

Leafy Prints & More OTS

Leafy Prints & More OTS


The only thing more difficult than finding something to wear for date night is finding something to wear for date night when, even at 8 o’clock, it is still 90 degrees outside. Styling your wardrobe in the Georgia heat can be kind of tricky but I’ve mastered a few key, go-to styles to keep me fashionable but also cool. I am so in love with wide leg pants this season; they not only are super comfy but surprisingly keep me pretty cool throughout the day. Not to mention there are tons of different styles to choose from and the pattern choices are endless. Wide legged pants are also super easy to pair when it comes to the top half. I’ve recently gotten into bodysuits lately so all I have to do is throw on my wide legs over my bodysuit, grab a cute pair of shoes and a purse and I’m good to go! Another alternative is what I wore this past weekend. As if you guys couldn’t already tell I have an excess number of off the shoulder tops and naturally paired it with these cute leaf print pants for the perfect date night look.

As for my shoes, for a dresser occasion I tend to wear heels or wedges but this look also can be worn with cute sandals for a more causal, laid back look as well.


OTKW06-15-1-18 OTKW06-15-1-20


Primary Image of Leafy Trousers                                                                                    NMS16_X32VG

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring






HAPPY 4TH! Need any last minute ideas on what it make -day of? Luckily my mom is the crafty one in the family and shared this awesome simple drink recipe- festive and refreshing. Look below for step by step instructions

  1. Pour cranberry juice in about 1/3 of the jar/cup

2. Add ice into the jar -this is what will allow the colors to separate

3.Pour in white cherry Gatorade the next 1/3 of the jar and watch your cool project begin to take shape

4. Last add a low/zero calorie blue Gatorade (it must be low calorie so that it will sit on top of all the heavier drinks)

5. Add a cute and fun straw and any extra embellishment you want

and voila! you are done 🙂

hope you guys have a fun and safe holiday

Off-the-Shoulder + Fabulous

Off-the-Shoulder + Fabulous






It seems as if summer 2016 is the year for off the shoulder everything; and I am ALL about it. One more than one occassion I talk myself into sleeping that extra 10 minutes when I know I should be up and getting ready for my day. Which then is followed by me jumping out of bed, scrambling to figure out what is the easiest thing in my closet to throw on but still look fabulous. I justify my massive amounts of off-the-shoulder tops as my go-to “crap I’m running late” style. It creates a soft, feminine look and also kind of sexy being able to show off some skin.

Even though every store and online boutique is saturated with off the shoulder styles it amazes me how many different styles, textures, and patterns they are going store to store giving each girl an opportunity to express her style and personality (regardless if everyone is jumping aboard the -off-the-shoulder train). So I made a promise to myself, if I am going to keep buying them I must only buy ones that look NOTHING like anything I already own; and it is safe to say this one is definitely an original style. (AND, it’s under $30. What a steal, right?)

Spring Transitions

Spring Transitions

IMG_0215 (2)IMG_0214IMG_0179 IMG_0166 (2) IMG_0145 IMG_0156 (2) With changing seasons comes changing weather, and spring is forever synonymous with inconsistent weather especially in Georgia. As the old saying goes “April showers brings May flowers”, but you shouldn’t have to comprise your style for changing weather.

It’s always frustrating picking out outfits when we’re transitioning through seasons, it could be sunny one minute then rainy the next; wake up to freezing temperatures then come home to sultry heat. So how do you compensate for the rainy days and inconsistent weather patterns, but still keep your chic spring look? With a coat, but not just any coat, a pale blue trench coat, of course over a chiffon blouse and a pair of high-waisted distressed blue jeans and nude pumps; accessorized with a gold bracelets and a blush envelope clutch.

“Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be”

Spring Transitions Trench CoatSpring Transitions Navy Blue Chiffon TopSpring Transitions Distressed High Waisted JeansSpring Transitions Nude Pumps

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A good looking shoe

Men’s lifestyle Guide has and will always share the light with the beautiful sole of a woman.


From Milan design week




United nude a.k.a @unitednude to it’s Instagram followers, creates innovative fashionable designs for the $fee male. We all have that significant other whose closet happens to spill into our half of the closet and our homes guest bedroom.




Just a few more selections and we’re done gentleman.




The un also makes her a nice time piece.

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Mahabis The Slipper Recreated

All the years of wearing slippers, they were ugly and took on this lame look. No style, no fashion code, just slide your foot in and comfort was key. Which brings me to introducing Mahabis, the first slipper that’s stylish, can be worn indoors, outdoors and you can change the color of your souls to color of your choice. What a spectacular slipper design!


Source []

– Mahabis

The Original Driving Shoe

We’ve all heard of BMW being the ultimate driving machine. Well… now we have Car Shoe, The Ultimate Driving Shoes handmade in Italy for men and women. If you’re not sure on what shoes to wear Car Shoe has a wide spread layout of shoes of all kinds. No man or woman is alike. We may have things in common but we are all different. From the textures, colors and designs of shoes we pick you can tell we all like a different flavor. Don’t be afraid to think as a peculiar individual. You will find that you have a lifestyle if you do. Otherwise, you’ll be unhappy with what’s on your feet.

Car Shoe



Car Shoe was founded in 1963 by Gianni Mostile, whose passion for racing cars led him to design handmade moccasins made from very soft leather and soles set on tiny rubber studs to enhance adherence to car pedals and were particularly suitable for driving sports cars. The Car Shoe driving shoe design was awarded a registered patent from the Italian Ministry of Trade and Industry in 1964 which has since expired. The brand has since become an Italian classic for driving shoes, known for its technical-design originality with high-quality leather and handmade craftsmanship. We believe Car Shoe is a symbol for exclusive lifestyle and luxury driving. Particularly suited for leisure time and informal occasions, Car Shoe products are targeted at a sporty and elegant clientele.


Robin Hood by Greats


Great has partnered with Robin Hood, New York’s poverty fighting organization. Read more…




For Spring/Summer 2016, Greats is proud to announce a partnership with Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization, focused on finding, funding, and creating programs that generate meaningful results for New York’s poorest residents. Greats has designed a special Robin Hood edition of our Pronto silhouette, with all proceeds from Greats’ Robin Hood sneaker to be donated to the Robin Hood Foundation. As a supplement to every pair of Robin Hood sneakers sold, Greats will donate a pair of our in-line shoes to someone in need.

We’ve reinterpreted the Robin Hood Pronto for Spring/Summer 2016 using the highest quality Italian suede in Robin Hood’s signature Robin Hood blue shade. The upper is paired with grey ballistic mesh throughout, with 3M reflective details that pop out in matte grey. We’ve also included a Vibram tread sole in tan and white, along with a hand-cut and hand-painted leather heel stabilizer, bringing the Pronto in line with a timeless, luxurious look. We’ve capped it off with hits of Robin Hood green suede and two embossed elements: Robin Hood’s signature “archer” logo embossed on the tongue, plus the GREATS logo etched into the heel tab.

Find out more about the Robin Hood Foundation:


Gold Cut.

Gold Cut.

Coming to Ellementsmagazine Spring Issue and landing on Splurjj. We call this post, GoldCut. // Photography: Bernard Gueit, Fashion Editor/Creative director: Dhav Naidu, Model; Siobhan, @ London Management, Hair Jamie Furlan, Danni Solier assisted by Jonny Candy, Make up: Emma Jane for M.A.C. Cosmetics, Nails Faby Nails, Tan: LDNSKINS @ The Handspa Melbourne, Jewellery throughout By Anton Jewellery, Gold Boater by Serena Lindeman // an ellementsmagazine photo.

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What makes UNTUCKit shirts so different? The Hem, The Fit and the pocket. I was first introduced to UNTUCKit by delta airlines Sky magazine while flying coach from San Diego into Miami, FL. UNTUCKit has a variety of Men’s dress shirts, polos, tees & henleys, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and even a section for you ladies.

“Fellas the best thing about these shirts, we can still be in a relaxed fitted shirt that hugs our torso and muscles nicely. To intrigue the women around us.”




IN THE SHOP…..Shop #inspiration #cool #clutch




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