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5 Things That Promote a Strong Work Ethic

5 Things That Promote a Strong Work Ethic

When you run your own company, negative feedback can destroy everything you built. The resolution is to develop and maintain a strong work ethic. A strong work ethic stimulates you and your employees to face any challenges on coming, it will keep you at your soundest and keep you ahead of your competition.

1. Courage – This is actually the most important trait to have because without courage you will not be able to dedicate yourself to your work. You will not have the courage to be accountable for your wrong actions. Without courage, you can’t practice any other trait consistently because without courage you will stop when faced with greater challenges.

2. Professionalism – Being professional requires everything from how you dress, how you carry yourself amongst your employees and in front of your clients. How you speak to your clients on a day to day basis, whether they’re in the right or the wrong. Knowing what not to say is far greater than what you feel you think should say especially if it’s offensive. Display grace when under pressure. Hold your composure no matter how tight the deadline. Show you value people’s opinion or their professional contributions.

3. Accountability – You take personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes in every situation, and withdraw from making excuses when things don’t go as proposed. You acknowledge your mistakes and use them as learning experiences so you won’t make the same ones again. You also require your employees to meet the same high standards and hold those who accept responsibility instead of pointing blame.

4. Discipline – Live each day of your life with passion, emotionally engage with what you need to do for yourself and business. Focus entirely on what it is that you want for your business and make it become your main focal point, the center of attention of your heart’s priorities. Learn to say no to things outside of your own routines because it’s not your focal point.

5. Determination – You don’t ever give up on yourself no matter the challenge and you enthusiastically welcome challenges. You know that your goal as an entrepreneur is to solve your clients’ problems, and you resolve to continually seek better and more innovative answers. With purpose and resilience, you push ahead, no matter how far you have to go. No matter what it takes you do not quit.


Make Them Eat Their Own Words

Make Them Eat Their Own Words

Quitting is easier than ever when you don’t care about yourself. Realize when you quit you’re saying you don’t care about yourself. You don’t care where you sleep, what you eat, how you live, how those living around you, what you’ll become, how your children view you. And the obvious that you refuse to see, the people around you don’t believe in you because you don’t believe in yourself because you quit.

The haters only exist because you have not yet made them into believers. You have to fight back in order to win, winning is only a mindset, so set your mind on winning not losing. Losing does not matter when winning is in your mind from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. You have to eat, sleep and shit winning out like it’s a part of your body.

You can’t just speak something up and think you’ll get it. You have to work at it, bring the goal towards you closer and closer until it’s in your sight and you can touch it. Make the haters eat their own words, make them eat their own words. They don’t think you can do it because they see you not doing what you say you truly want to do. See, they know they can’t do it themselves, but to confuse you and have you think you can’t do it, it’s a win win for the both of you when you both fail.

Believe me, if you push harder than you have ever pushed in your life and achieve your goals they knew deep in their own hearts you could pull it off and they will have to eat their own words. Make them eat their own words.


Title song Black America depicts Racism in America

A song that was written and recorded by me, Sharif Dyson who performed the song as BrownSkinFella, under my artist name. The recording conveys into the American people of this country and how inadequately the minorities were treated. The title song ‘Black America’ dives inside the lives of African Americans and Hispanics of this country. The recording addresses the cultures, to uplift both cultures through the music’s words and imagery. Racism supposedly ended years ago but it still exists. Now it’s within the corporate America and behind closed doors.




Nas – For My Brothers With Daughters Throwback

Nas – For My Brothers With Daughters Throwback

Raising a girl is far much harder than raising a son. The same methods can’t be used when raising daughters that you would use to raise your son. This weeks throwback goes out to the fellas with daughters. After seeing the images circling the internet of Nas daughter who I hold much respect for. I can see why he wrote a song like ‘Daughters’, knowing that this day would soon come that she’s posting a few inappropriate images on the gram and across the net.




JAY-Z explains bars about Kanye West from Kill JAY-Z

You dropped outta school, you lost your principles
I know people backstab you, I feel bad, too
But this “fuck everybody” attitude ain’t natural
But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe
But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye
You gave him twenty million without blinkin’
He gave you twenty minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?
“Fuck wrong with everybody?” is what you sayin’
But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane


Chris Brown – Heartbreak on a Full Moon

The last time I’ve witnessed an R&B artist release a double album was during R.Kelly’s king of R&B epoch. If you listen to all of Chris Brown’s albums he retains the same style throughout his career and has not changed for anyone, that’s what I love about this man and it never dies. I heard about this Mix-tape leaking without Chris’ consent and wanted you all to hear good music. An imposing compilation, no one does better music like Chris Brown. Stay tuned to album review post from SPLURJJ.

Mixtape Link



The JAY-Z 4:44 video is a demented video with meaning to it. Amidst all the anarchy that operated within the Beyonce & JAY-Z bond that was foreign to the world, the video reveals all inside their relationship which was many absurd moments they’ve gone through before they transferred into a level of prominence, just like anyone elses relationship. People think because they’re famous they’re blameless.


apple monkey

‘One man… One monkey… But only one apple tree…’

Award winning short film with over 25 international screenings and on several television channels.
Made at Newport Film School, University of Wales, 2000

– World Animation Journal – Animatoon Magazine, Volume 7, No. 29, December 2000
Report on UWCN Graduation Screening at the National Film Theatre, London:

“Other excellent films on show were ‘apple monkey’ by Ed Roberts (2D cel animation) with good drawing and characterizations in an age-old theme – if you don’t share what you have you lose everything.”

– Animation UK Magazine, Issue 6, Summer 2001
Animated Encounters Review, Article by Pat Raine Webb

“Brit Flicks 2 followed, showing another hour of home grown talent. Outstandingly good were ‘apple monkey’ by Ed Roberts – a lesson in the results of greed, starring a man, a monkey and a tree of apples.”

– Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland, August 2000, Joint 3rd in McLaren Animation Award
– Vancouver Effects and Animation Festival, Canada, April 2001, 3rd in Student Animation Tradigital Category
– Tfou! d’Or’s Festival, France, August 2001, 3rd Place
– International Animation Show Animac, Spain, February 2002, Best of Animac, Animac Mòbil
– York Independent Film Festival, England, February 2002, Winner of Best Animation Category
– Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee, USA, April 2002, Honourable Mention in Animation Category

– Featured on BBC Choice Wales, The Wrap programme, June 2000
– Valencia Animation Festival, Spain, January 2001
– Californian SUN International Animation Festival, USA, March 2001
– Animated Encounters, England, April 2001
– Animerte Dager, The Nordic and Baltic Animation Festival, Fredrikstad, Norway, May 2001
– Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France, June 2001
– Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo, Brazil, July 2001
– Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival, London, England, July 2001
– Screened on ArtsWorld Television channel, July 2001
– Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, August 2001
– World Animation Celebration, California, USA, August 2001
– New York Animation Festival, USA, September 2001
– Get Animated – The Best of British Animation Films, Singapore, September 2001
– Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, USA, October 2001
– 44th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany, October 2001
– Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d’Animation de Wissembourg, France, November 2001
– Newcastle Film Festival, Australia, November 2001
– Screened on Sveriges Television, Sweden, 2001
– Les Rencontres 10/10 De Cinéma d’Animation, France, February 2002
– 3rd Fayetteville Film Fest, USA, February 2002
– Durango Film Festival, USA, March 2002
– East Lansing Film Festival, USA, March 2002
– Nashville Independent Film Festival, USA, May 2002
– Screened on SF DRS Switzerland, 2003
– Screened on CBC Canada, 2003
– CineMe Animation Showcase, England, September & December 2011

For more information please contact Ed!


Ed’s Vimeo Channel:


IMDB Film Credits:​name/​nm4345716/​

apple monkey © Ed Roberts

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