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Breitling, Limited Edition Yellow Gold

Being auctioned off is a $4,000 Breitling Yellow Gold Wrist Watch. Cal. 2892 A2 nickel lever movement, 38 jewels, silvered dial, minute and 1/5 seconds divisions, subsidiary dials for constant seconds, 12-hour and 30-minute registers, outer graduation for the slide rule and the tachometer scale, Feuille hands, 18k yellow gold case, reeded bezel, snap on case back, case, dial, and movement signed, with an 18k yellow gold Breitling folding clasp.


A Smartwatch designed by Louis Vuitton

LV has designed neat time pieces before, but nothing like this, a Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Smartwatch. It’s the company’s first connected smartwatch. Developed in connection with Google and Qualcomm using a Swiss-made 42mm convex case, joints moved by Android Wear. You’d never know it looking at the screen, which shows one of several of customizable faces based on Louis’s real-life watch collection. Maybe, critical for some of you that own a few of the company’s leather goods, you can choose from 30 different straps that interchange quickly, so you won’t have to settle for a traditional monogram strap clashing with your graphite wallet.

//BUY //$2,450

Bluetooth Smart Watch Under $100

Bluetooth Smart Watch 2.5D ARC HD Screen Wearable Smartphone for iPhone Android Samsung HTC

If you were ever looking on the market for iPhone smartwatch, however, you just couldn’t bear it because you’re on a budget as you’re having a custom home constructed. No longer fret, the boys here at SPLURJJ got you wrapped. We discovered the neatest, resembling match to the iPhone watch that may also be used with Android devices. It’s well under $100 so you can still design that superb house without having to break the bank.


MVMT Black Rose Edition Men’s Watch

MVMT has produced several cool watches within the past two years I’ve noticed. Now, adding to the cool guy collection they have sprung upon us gents the Black Rose Collection. Which is designed with rose colored hands matched against a black background face.Watch costs a

Watch costs a measly $140.



My very first AVI-8 watch was purchased inside of a TJMaxx while visiting San Diego, CA for work in Fall 2016. Following my first purchase of brand AVI-8, I’ve taken a lot more notice in their label designs. The Hawker Hunter named after the military jetliner that first operated in service for the RAF in the early 1950s is evident. Snugly banded to the wrist amidst a hand joined vintage authentic leather strap – the AV 4052 is a grand, utilitarian and special aviation inspired timepiece like no other.


Green Rubber Strap Tag Heuer 

Tag test every material watch strap before they get sold. They actually test them 5,000 times over and over again, to see if it will uphold the hardest times anyone could put on a watch. I mean, it’s on your wrist and I’ve abused plenty bands, watch dials as a field engineer in my industry. So let’s hope Tag keeps their guarantee that if you make this purchase you won’t need to return it asap due to a broken strap or ruptured watch face. This same watch is offered in 5 different colors. Orange, red, yellow, black and my favorite the green gem.

// BUY


AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane

I think I might have shared a watch out of the AVI-8  collection in the past and if I haven’t then here you have it. You may like the aviator watch look, feel and mechanics but sometimes the price is a bit of a stretch. AVI-8 helps you out with that by designing a watch that has the swag but not the high price tag. Selling for $195.00 on the AVI-8 catalog.


Breda Products Inspire Creativity $80

The Breda brand watch is ran by a small team out of Dallas, Texas where creativity, design and engineering all come together to make such a chic time piece.


We modernize and reengineer the classic elements of a traditional watch to bring you products that push the envelope in design. People underestimate what a thrilling process it is to take something that has always been made a certain way and change it to make it your own. We are non-conformists by nature. Aiming to merge quality products and minimal design within reach.



We are an independent brand, run by a small team with a shared appreciation for design. As an extension to our team, we have built a collaborative community #theunbound to expand on our mission of inspiring creativity. The #theunbound is a meticulously selected group of creators that have established their own authentic voice outside the norm. Our goal is not just to be a watch brand, but rather a collaborator within the community we are building.

BREDA Studio.


The BREDA Studio is tucked in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas – a neighborhood with a growing creative base. The studio functions as our brand’s design office and retail store combined with a collaborative workspace.


The New Casio Edifice with Bluetooth

I have to be honest and say I was never one for purchasing a Casio watch of any kind. Which leads me to saying I have recently considered on purchasing the Casio Edifice  EQB600 Bluetooth watch. Casio has never made me turn my head and take a look at any of their products. This has to be the only unique piece of equipment made by Casio in years, that caught my eye.

“the only unique piece of equipment made by Casio in years, that caught me eye”

With the adoption of a 3D globe dial representing the flow of time in concert with the movement of the earth, EDIFICE’s Smartphone Link has evolved further in new attire. Connectivity with CASIO’s Accurate Time System keeps the EQB-600 accurate. By accessing a networked time server and combining time data from the server with its own database, the smartphone can acquire accurate time information worldwide. It’s the watch for men of the global age who live in more than one time simultaneously.


Concrete Dial Watches by 22 Design Studio

4th Dimension High Tension Concrete Dial Watches by 22 Design Studio


The 4th Dimension Watch

Featuring a Staircase of High Tension Concrete

From the delicate sculpting of the concrete watch face to the hand-shaped brass hands, from the brass crown to the leather strap, every detail of our wristwatch has been designed to show the beauty of the raw material. This unique timepiece’s leather and brass becomes richer and darker the more the watch is worn.
detail dial

Staircase style concrete dial close-up
Concrete begins as a liquid mixture of different elements, but once it sets, it becomes as solid as stone. The simple geometric shapes of the design emphasize concrete’s strength. With concrete’s nature in mind, anticipating light chipping and evolving color as design elements that beautifully show the effects of time.
detail hands

Close-up of the custom hand shaped hands

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The Wood Watch Evolved

Grovemade Watches – The Wood Watch Evolved


Click to see the entire Grovemade collection at


Grovemade Watches

As much artifact as timepiece, the Grovemade wood watch is a modern update to the classic analog interface. Designed in collaboration with Stefan Andrén and hand-assembled in their woodshop in Portland, Oregon, the Grovemade wood watch features a hand sanded hardwood face (in maple or walnut), spherical hour markers, a precision calibrated stainless steel module, and a vegetable-tanned leather strap. It’s an understated yet sophisticated method of keeping the time. Look at your smartphone less when you wear this revolutionary watch built from premium American hardwoods. We know you’ve got the exact time in your pocket, along with a whole universe of facts. The Wood Watch doesn’t try to replace your smartphone; it offers another way to experience time.


About Grovemade:
“We are a team of 20 who prioritize the search for what matters above all else. We love our jobs and our lives, and won’t settle for anything less. Our work is an exploration to grow, reach, and push our boundaries to our fullest potential.
When it comes down to it, it’s more than just designing and making products. It’s about the people behind the process and all of you throughout the world who share the same values. We’re on an adventure and hope you’ll join us.
We believe our goods are meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the people behind them.”


There are traditionally two ends of the spectrum: Mass produced items are made in sprawling factories by anonymous workers creating efficiency through scale; Crafted products are produced in tiny quantities by skilled individuals with a small audience and limited technical capabilities. Grovemade carved out a place for ourselves somewhere in the middle, shipping the highest quality, handmade products worldwide, directly from their hands to yours.

grovemade-watch-maple-square-londontan-HERO 87299.1465338320.1280.1280


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