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Speedline Yacht Concept

Designer Pietro Russomanno out of the U.K. designed the Speedline. It’s a 77′ foot motor boat idea with a “speed line” stamp. From the bow of the yacht, the lines follow the side until reaching the stern with a sinuous movement that defines the two “wings” that envelopes the superstructure on the rear part. Deck illumination is provided by a continuous glazed profile that surrounds all the cabins and slopes forward, seamlessly, creating a large sunbathing area.




Uber is no longer jusr for the turf, they now service the surf as well. Croatia is the base to over 1,000 islands. Most of these islands are only attainable by boat travel, which makes the perfect place for UberBoat. The add-on ride-sharing begins June 26 and runs through the summer, options are available for groups up to 12.


Come Aboard Your Personal Yacht

ABEKING & RASMUSSEN: A&R 2016-08-22 15-56-19

Abeking and Rasmussen (A&R) is a well known German shipyard with a worldwide notoriety for most astounding quality hand crafted engine yachts from 45 to 125 meters.

ABEKING & RASMUSSEN: A&R 2016-08-22 15-41-26

Established in 1907 by George Abeking and Henry Rasmussen it is one of the longest settled yacht manufacturers. A&R still holds a family way to deal with working together which for some proprietors offers additional solace for their superyacht assemble experience. The shipbuilder offers the flexibility to work in a creative, quickly responsive and adaptable way. Every yacht that rises up out of the yard is worked to reflect the style and rationality of its proprietor and to be both useful and dependable without trading off on feel. This unrivaled level of personalisation genuinely takes into consideration a proprietor’s yachting dreams to be figured it out.

Also the amazing SWATH-idea for yachts is turning out to be exceptionally popular and the main ever constructed SWATH sort yacht was compensated with the World Superyacht Technology Award.

A&R additionally offers master craftsmanship and specialized administration all through yacht refitting.

With a generation office situated in Lemwerder, the yard as of now brags ecologically neighborly workshops, five creation corridors, office structures, an internal harbor and a syncrolift.

ABEKING & RASMUSSEN: A&R 2016-08-22 15-44-35


Hotel On The Water

These floating house boat hotels are perfect for an intimate geyaway. Design your lifestyle, do not wait any longer. Salt & Water studio focused on being innovative and giving low impact tourism on island waters.
Checkout pics below to see what they offer.





Canoeing Anyone?

Lahaina, HI Lifestyle. @officialmauijim Shades

When I first created this post it was meant specifically for the canoeing in you lifestyle. A few weeks later I came across Kristy Taylor’s lahaina lifestyle blog. It opened my eyes up and I wanted to share her lifestyle with all hoping to open up someone else. Just so you know I booked my flight and will be visiting Maui in a few short weeks. To be encouraged is what Splurjj is all about. Why visualize if you don’t put yourself there. Live your life to its threshold and don’t look back. Hope you all can visit Lahaina, HI.

Kristy @ lahaina lifestyle is available for photography projects in Maui, Hi – as well as anywhere in the world. inquire for rates & availability below or direct at 808.344.7670

Photo Credit by Kristy Taylor

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