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Phoenix 250 Motorcycle

You don’t need big pipes to break necks with the Phoenix 250. The Phoenix 250 is built by the small team of builders and craftsmen at Janus. One-bike-at-a-time, to your specification, in small batches is how they build. At a cost of only $6595 or $140 a month, you can get this sexy red machine today and garage it this weekend.



Honda’s unique design being our toy industry is back on the path and has me opened up to see what else is in store this winter’s coming big boy toy show. It’s still a big “IF” when it comes to whether or not Honda will build this bike, just because they file patents, wistfully, doesn’t mean that we’ll ever see that bike in the making. If this thing comes out with a deafening engine, lots of power and a laid back riding position that comfortably fits my 6’3″ frame then I’m sold.


Custom Leather Helmet Design

  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-14.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.23.35.png
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-10.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-9.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-7.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-3.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.24.24.png
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-5.jpg
  • larsonupholstery_leatherbell-6.jpg
  • Screen-Shot-2016-05-09-at-21.26.07.png

Custom leather helmet design by Larson Upholstery – Bell Bullitt Custom Helmet – Young Brodies, I’m not the Leather Upholstery guys, so I can’t provide you the information on pricing. Please message them through the contact provided below.





Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 by BMW is motorcycling in the further future. Autonomously cycling, a design of the future with no need for the helmet, wear light clothing and no cycle stand make a unique motorcycle.





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Gringo Helmet

  • large_354_GringoLE-Spectrum-Black-front.jpg
  • detail_354_1410231725_detail_354_1410229744_detail_354_1410228567_detail_354_gringole-spectrum-black-side-left.jpg
  • large_354_GringoLE-Spectrum-Black-back.jpg

Made by Biltwell, Gringo spectrum helmet is black with yellow, orange and red stripes. Meets the DOT safety standards, looks cool and chicks dig it most of all.

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Kickstarter Super 73 Ebike Motorcycle Bicycle

A powerful electric bike full of features. Go anywhere with 1000 watts of power, Californian design, and even a cup holder.The Super 73 has a bottle opener for your choice of opening a beer or a catching wave of coke. This bike retails around $3k and entertain speeds up to 30mph. Okay, not lots of speed but cool to run around campus and your small city looking phantom.



The modern racer.

The modern racer. #triumph #speedtriple with #carbonfiber rims #zard racing exhaust system #ohlins suspensions and #rizoma bits… Pure gold! #cuatommade #rad #caferacer #caferacerbarcelona #motoporn #overboldmotorcrew #nasty #streetlegal #barcelona #bcn #triumphmotorcycles #triumphspeedtriple

The modern racer. #triumph #speedtriple with #carbonfiber rims #zard racing exhaust system #ohlins suspensions and #rizoma bits... Pure gold! #cuatommade #rad #caferacer #caferacerbarcelona #motoporn #overboldmotorcrew #nasty #streetlegal #barcelona #bcn #triumphmotorcycles #triumphspeedtriple

Photo taken at: Overbold Motor Co.

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London Bike Shed

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is a place you can go to, seven days a week…The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is at 384 Old Street, EC1V 9LT, under the bridge next to the old Shoreditch Town Hall beside the junction of Shoreditch High Street.


The Bike Shed is open from 8am to 11pm everyday.



One of the coolest places to chill if you’re in London. They hate rules, but now that have a proper licensed place with neighbours and a local authority to consider, so they do have to ask people not to be cunts, make unnecessary noise or ride like idiots anywhere near the shed premises.


Bike club shed night club


Cafe bar


Red club seating area outside of Barbershop


Barbershop thru glass windows


The Bike Shed members card


The Bike Shed accessory store

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J.Ruiter awesome designer

From office to home furniture, motorcycles, long boards, bikes and buggy’s, the list goes on and will not stop. J.Ruiter is an award winning designer who can’t seem but to strip everything down to it’s bare bones and build it back up into a triumph masterpiece. His latest invention came to us in Apr 2016, this year. He calls it the Snoped, which gained it’s very own category on


“Experience winter travel on a whole new level. Lightweight chassis and cafe bike race posture, the Snoped will get you there in style. Inspired by some of our favorite winter apparel brands, this bike extends riding on top of the snow even further.”


another great shot


What he’s rocking:

Helmet: Electric Mash-man
Jacket 1: Aether Apparel
Jacket 2: G-Star RAW
Pants: Belstaff
Boots 1: Ralph Lauren Black
Boots 2: Aldo
Gloves: Burton

Over Bold Motor CO. Creation

We give love to Over Bold Motor CO. for this awesome photo. A shot of a bicycle designed in a choppers image. You gotta love the kickstand on this limited cruiser. Wide ass seating and your legs must need to be really long to reach these platform pedals. Not many could ride this radical piece of artwork. Hold on to your seat, I wouldn’t say that. More like, relax and cruise on this seat. These guys are located at Carrer de Pujades, 74, 08005 Barcelona, Spain. Just in case you were in town vacationing and wanted to drop by.



Splurjj Magazine / Team
Images that are not owned by Splurjj
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More Than Just A Garage

After spending a little time with the boys over at Benzina Garage today. I’ve learned that it’s not just a garage. Benzina is a family of guys who love bikes and they just happen to work together. These guys make promises they keep to satisfy friends who just so happen to be a customer. We all love to be treated like an elite when bringing in whatever your possession may be into a shop. Knowing that you have the guys at PRESTON BENZINA working on your prize and possession, your mind can sit breezeless. Preston Benzina Moto Cafe and Workshop is on our list of Splurjj style  bike shops.








Have you got a bike that needs some work? Do you need Tires? A service? Custom work? Maybe you just need a high five and a coffee?!?! Then rock on round and see us here at Benzina, or give us a ring to make a booking! Do it!

Tough Guys Bleed Oil Others Just Bleed


“I build bikes, spray furniture, bikes, cars and make dioramas.

I fix all sorts of stuff; I’m a Dad, that’s our job!

I’ve been doing shit in garages my whole life, and I’m 58 now.”

Mad Mick


Now the boys and girls from Sydney Café Racers have donated $5000 for me to finish the build and Josh’s other bikes, the Kawasaki Z400 and Z500. Since then I have started to rebuild it the way Josh wanted it. It’s hard to get the right motivation to do it now that Josh is not here to see it, but everyone has been really great, helping me out so much and I’m sure he’s right here in the garage with me at night, pushing me to keep going. You’ve all inspired me to do it in his and your honour! I probably would never have let him ride it anyway… it used to make me shit my pants.

Harley Davidson Opera

We don’t have enough information to write up a story for you lady and gents. What we do have to offer is some very cool pictures. Thanks for viewing. We will be adding more to this post later.



Waiting On The Bus.

Masked Motorbiker

Waiting on the bus doesn’t have to be boring all the time.

Me All The Way.

Firestone has been known from keeping you covered to keeping formula 1 racing covered. Under pressure
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Live Free Or Die Unhappy.

Splurjj repost of Bon week-end
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Army Green

One Mean Green Machine // Thanks to @topmotorcycles

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