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ARES Modena Designs uses a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG as the base model for their X-Raid sports utility vehicle. The classic G-Wagon captures the ARES interior and exterior makeover and displays a rare and head-turning piece of design. Based on the Mercedes G63 the car preserves the exquisite engineering and marries it with the coachbuilding sovereignty of ARES. With a V8 engine pushing out 760 horses this big and beautiful truck isn’t for the mediocre joe.


Telsa Semi Truck

Produced to be reliable, economical to run, and more luxurious than existing big-rigs, the Tesla Semi Truck strives to dramatically better freight transportation. Its battery pack, situated underneath the cab, provides up to 500 miles per charge, and performance beyond what any diesel rig can provide. Notably, it can go from 0-60 in 20 seconds with a full, 80,000-pound load — the same action takes a minute in a typical semi — and climbs 5% grades at a steady 65, 20 mph faster than its competitors. Its driver-focused cab features a central seat flanked by dual touchscreen displays, and Enhanced Autopilot capabilities offer semi-autonomous driving. Arriving next year, and available for reservation now.

Original story provided by Uncrate.


Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle

Designed specifically for use in difficult terrain, the Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle has capabilities far beyond that of any production SUV. The concept was created by Warsaw-based studio 2sympleks with input from real-life GOPR and TOPR rescuers. Its innovative suspension, developed by the neighboring Automotive Industry Institute, lets it lock its body in a shifted position, enables approach and departure angles of nearly 90 degrees, and has an advanced system of springs and shock absorbers. Inside are seats for up to eight rescuers, plus enough room for two victims to be safely transported via stretchers. While a scale model has been built, no plans to build a full-size version have been announced. (Source)


Fourth member of the Range Rover family

The Range Rover Velar

Land Rover today unveiled the fourth member of the Range Rover family, the Range Rover Velar, at London’s famed Design Museum. Bringing a new dimension of modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family, the Velar is positioned between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport; offering levels of luxury, refinement and all-terrain capability never before seen in the mid-size SUV segment.

Range Rover Velar arrives at U.S. retailers later this year; priced from $49,900


Bond villain, The SVX Concept, or Spectre Defender

Bond villain, The SVX Concept, or Spectre Defender

Waiting to be auctioned off on Wednesday, Septemeber 6, 2017 The ultimate Land Rover Defender; crafted by the best in the business One of just 10 originals built; eight in private ownership Used in the 24th James Bond film, Spectre and 234 km miles from new.




As I was leaving my local Walmart something strange happened to me yesterday. I happened to cross paths with the New Jaguar F-PACE. The paint glistened from each shot hit from the suns rays. Quiet as ever it passes me engine sounding smooth as its owner drives looking elegant and in control. The Jaguar F-Pace comes in 3 different engines.

A standard 247-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four (also available with 296 hp), a 180-hp turbo-diesel 2.0-liter inline-four, and a 380-hp supercharged 3.0-liter V-6. The cockpit is simply prepared chic and everything is in the driver’s scope. Base package includes an 11 speaker sound system so you can hear the sound all around you.




Bollinger B1 Truck


An All Electric Truck by Bollinger Motors. The B1 packed with 360 horses and from 120 up to 200 miles of driving range. 4 feet shorter than a Range Rover Land Rover Discovery. Built with an aluminum chassis, its bones are made of pure steel for potential roll overs.

I know you’re saying that electric and water don’t mix but the interior is made of a wash down material that has been sealed inside out. Does 0-60 in a swift 4.5 seconds and pushes a top speed of 127 MPH out of its fully charged batteries. What I favor strongly about the B1 are its steering instrumentality and dash board. So artless but chic and mysterious to the mortal eye.


Lamborghini Urus SUV

I knew Lamborghini would put out an SUV that held as much power as it’s line of a beast of steam machines. The Urus V8 packs 650 horsepower, without it even holding a V12 like it’s entry-level big brother Aventador that pumps 691 horses from its V12. The V8-powered Urus is set to arrive sometime in 2018, while a plug-in hybrid version will follow later.


Type H 70th Anniversary Van

  • db31-818x765.jpg
  • db26-818x524.jpg
  • db8-818x540.jpg
  • db1-818x492-1-818x492.jpg

A tribute to designer Flaminio Bertoni and his Citroën HY unveiled exactly 70 years ago, this is a contemporary reinvention of the legendary van, packaged as a complete car kit and developed on the Citroën Jumper chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary Van will be produced by FC Automobili, using artisanal methods, as a limited series of 70 units in Italy.


1916 Republic Beer Truck

  • HF15_r181_001.jpg
  • HF15_r181_006.jpg
  • HF15_r181_008.jpg
  • HF15_r181_005.jpg
  • HF15_r181_007.jpg
  • HF15_r181_002.jpg
  • HF15_r181_015.jpg
  • HF15_r181_014.jpg

You’re plausibly thinking precisely what I had been thinking when I landed on the site of this archaic novel automobile from the early 1900s. With only two exact makes and models still existing this is one of the two that remains. The Republic Beer Truck also is known as  “The Yellow Chassis Truck,” because of the distinct color of its frame. Edgar Rice Burroughs, the famous author of Tarzan, was the guilty individual that lies behind this trucks origin. This very truck has traveled throughout the states starting in Michigan, where it’s journey began, ending in New Jersey an now being held up for auction. Before this charming astonishing brute gets to touch the city roads again it will need a thorough servicing.


1975 Ford Bronco

  • s-l1604.jpg
  • s-l1600.jpg
  • s-l1603.jpg
  • s-l16001.jpg
  • s-l1602.jpg

Watching The People vs. O.J. this Friday night after work, had me want to dig up rare early Ford Bronco’s that were restored and returned to prestige condition. This 43 years old SUV located in Hermosa Beach, California has a price tag of $65,000, the owner has no more use of this vehicle and has decided to list it on Ebay to sell it. A 302 V8 engine, convertible, automatic transmission and only 845 miles on it makes this an equipped beach cruiser.


Defender 2.2 Station Wagon

  • 160525.jpg
  • 160530.jpg
  • 160532.jpg
  • 160528.jpg
  • 160529.jpg
  • 160526.jpg

The Land Rover defender is not your typical station wagon, and especially not the ugly kind we grew up seeing on the Cosby show. The center glove box is quilted & perforated leather. With right hand driving steering this truck just makes you look good even when you don’t look your best. Santorini Black leather interior a splash of quilted plaid throughout, so you can’t help but want to drive this truck in the winter.


Mercedes Benz Unimog

  • 35af6ebef3827e7648ca21a729381864.jpeg
  • Mercedes-Benz-Unimog-Front.jpeg
  • Mercedes-Benz-Unimog-3.jpeg
  • 2f599089185f149f7aee90b69efa960a.jpeg
  • Mercedes-Benz-Unimog-4.jpeg

I posted a question on Quora which read: If you could travel back in time to choose a car but it can only be from the nineteen seventies, what car would that be and why? I received some really great responses but the one that stood out to me had to be for the Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

The one reply I received back that I’m posting on here was – Ugh, the 70s were horrible for car enthusiasts. emissions and smog regulations killed performance and styling was uninspired. I don’t really get excited about supercars either so my choice is a Mercedes Unimog.

It’s a truck built like a tank that can do anything you ask of it. Super low range gearing, locking differentials at both ends, and it looks fantastic!

Yes, it does. I’d like to thank Kai Herrmann, who’s driven across the country several times.


The X-Series

  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-front-three-quarters-02.jpg
  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-interior.jpg
  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-rear-three-quarter.jpg
  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-front-three-quarters-1-1.jpg
  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-front-three-quarter-02.jpg
  • VLF-Automotive-X-Series-2-front-grille.jpg

Henrik Fisker has toyed around with a Chevrolet Colorado cab back and transformed it into a Hummer-related truck. It’s designed to evoke the late great hummer brand but not even close, not bad but not thorough, but if it was in black and not looking like a kid Halloween costume it may get a pass.


2020 Ford Bronco

  • bronco-4.jpg
  • bronco-1.jpg
  • bronco-3.jpg
  • bronco-2.jpg
  • 1408985565.Studry-2015-Ford-Bronco-1.jpg
  • 1408985359.2015-ford-bronco-release-concept-images.jpg
  • 1408985563.19d5kl2bwbopupng.png

These are just concept images I found floating around the web but it is confirmed the Ford Bronco will be delivered in 2020. No real details were given for the upcoming Bronco. The vehicle’s design, specifications, and dimensions were never revealed, and all that was shown on stage was a Bronco graphic-no vehicle was shown. Ford’s Joe Hinrichs did reveal that the upcoming 2020 Bronco would be built in the U.S., at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant.



The Cool Guy SUV

  • P4XL2.jpg
  • P4XL1.jpg

350-horsepower diesel engine, need I say more. P4XL. The Ultimate in bad boy trucks. Trucks Interior can be seen at “Sport Chassis”, follow the link below.


Jeep Wrangler CJ300

  • 47415.jpg
  • 47416.jpg
  • 47403.jpg
  • 47406.jpg
  • 47407.jpg
  • 47408.jpg
  • 47409.jpg
  • 47410.jpg
  • 47411.jpg
  • 47413.jpg
  • 47414.jpg
  • 47405.jpg

Once a part of Kahn Automobiles but have now branched into their own entity “The Chelsea Truck Company“, are lone vehicles for a small clique who ought the flavor for exclusivity including finer stuff in life … precise quality, to the utmost. The Jeep Wrangler’s CJ300 Diesel double up to take images of their style, cherry red hue, and interior decor. Designed to suit anywhere you’re traveling that daybreak or eventide.

Jeep Wrangler built to Chelsea Truck Co CJ300 specification by Kahn Design. The CJ300 kit comprises four-slot grill, LED headlights, LED bumper lights, a choice of exclusive Kahn Design wheels, crosshair exhaust system and a bespoke hand-stitched leather interior. For more info and a pricing list, please head to ©KahnDesign All rights reserved. This image may not be used, reproduced or transmitted without first obtaining a copyright licence. Please contact for more details.






Lincoln Navigator Concept

  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-rear-side-view.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-side-view-parked.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-profile-door-open.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-rear-side-view-from-above.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-interior-cabin.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-cargo-area.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-interior-side-door-open.jpg
  • Lincoln-Navigator-Concept-interior-headrests-with-screens.jpg

The interior includes the Ford-developed 30-way movable, elastomer-suspended seats that earn their première in the Continental, and the grand nautical theme, complete with piano-key-style buttons.


Norm and long-wheelbase versions will still seat up to seven and eight, sequentially. Under the hood, look for the F-150’s familiar twin-turbo, 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 to be the star but with output boosted to more than 400 hp. The transmission will be a Lincoln-tuned version of the 10-speed automatic that launches with the Raptor.

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Our Gut Feelings// 

Interior looks cheap and cheezy, gull wing doors may cause more harm to you, depending on the type of system used to keep elevated. Would not want to see on the news, doors fall and chop little boy in half. Exterior has a nice look that reminds me of a big body Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

Be sure to park far enough away from any other vehicles. Wouldn’t want the gull wing doors to get damaged.

The organized cargo storage space in the trunk takes up the entire area however guys would love this space. Would I buy? Nope, not my style. Would I drive? Yes, if I got it as a rental.

“All in all not a bad looking vehicle besides from the killer doors.”








A rugged all-terrain vehicle changed into an end of the world commendable rides. A large portion of them, be that as it may, search more fit for VIPs in a war zone than a ragtag gathering of post-end of the world highwaymen. That is unquestionably not the situation with the INKAS Hudson APC.


It’s controlled by a 4.5-liter V8, with a five-speed manual transmission, so there ought to be sufficient snort and mobility to move the team around in any sort of landscape.

Highlights incorporate composite ballistic plates that measure half of standard guards, a siren/PA framework, a removable wire work on top of the windshield and windows, outer view cameras with electronic night vision frameworks, various border firearm ports, and two escape hatches.



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