Power Season 4 Ep. 407 You Lied To My Face Spoiler

Episode 407 picks up with Ghost and Tariq riding home on the train after Tariq was kidnapped. Ghost meets up with Tommy after Tommy arrives back to his spot and finds his guys tied up. Ghost and Tarsha get into over Tariq being kidnapped and Ghost not knowing he was hanging with Kanan A.K.A Slim. Ghost daughter stands at the door while they argue and hears an earful of drama she should never hear. Simon wants Ghost and his family interviewed for primetime television for their window of opportunity. Tommy finds Julio dead. Mike still trying to find someone to pin the murder on. Angela still believes James is innocent. Tarsha starts fucking James lawyer who decided he does not want to represent James anymore.

Shit goes down in the Ep. so don’t miss out on this episode.








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