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cool guy stuff

Detroit Grooming

If you haven’t heard already and want to know, Detroit Grooming Company is the shit when it comes to men’s grooming or just managing a guy Abraham Lincoln kind of beard this season.  These guys have gift ideas in the bag for days, if you’re looking for a seasonal gift or just an I was thinking of you cool guy gift. Finding something really cool on their site is easy and quickest checkout you’ll ever experience.

One of my favorite products these guys offer is the DGC beard butter. If you like shea butter and coconut oils then you have to pick up some of their Beard Butter. We’ve added a few of their other products within this post, so be sure to view the products cause, my man, you will love what they got, seriously!




1983 Ferrari 512BBI

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The 365 GT4 BB came along in 1974. The name translated to 365 cubic centimeters per cylinder, grand touring, four-cam Berlinetta Boxer. This exceptional 512 BBi, originally finished in the same color it sports today, was first imported into the United States by William Lyon in July 1983.

Today, the car presents exceptionally well and remains highly original throughout. The BBi also retains its original owner’s manuals in their original pouch, as well as the original jack in its bag. Sergio Scaglietti, whose firm made the bodies, noted, “It was something special. It was the last car where we made everything by hand.” We cannot say it any better. SPLURJJ and its staff quickly search the web for stuff that guys find really cool and we post it knowing it works for you guys.


To view this car please visit the RM website at auction being held in Phoenix, Arizona Right now.

Vivon Foam Chair


Relax back and decompress. The unique Vivon Foam Lounging Chair emphasize an ergonomic design with supportive curves that will make a sound addition to the living room or chamber. This lounge chair is definitely a piece of decor that belongs in a category  called “cool guy stuff”.

“cool guy stuff”

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Smartphone Projector

This nifty gadget allows you to watch movies directly from your Smartphone off of a wall, drapery or some sort of white background. Home cinema in a box includes the projector, speaker. Requires 4 AAA batteries.

Please note that this product is intended as a fun gift and is not suitable for commercial or professional projections. It functions by reflecting the image on your phone through a glass lens which will mean any text will appear in reverse.



Mrs Fan’s Plugin House

Mrs. Fan’s Plugin House named by the architects sits inside the city’s Changchun Jie Hutong neighborhood.

“The affordability of the Plugin House, 30 times less than the cost of buying a typical apartment”

The final design is made up of two volumes with stepped heights and a series of slanted roofs so as not to block the neighbors’ light and views. Plugin house can be built well under 24 hours with a simple hex key.




A rugged all-terrain vehicle changed into an end of the world commendable rides. A large portion of them, be that as it may, search more fit for VIPs in a war zone than a ragtag gathering of post-end of the world highwaymen. That is unquestionably not the situation with the INKAS Hudson APC.


It’s controlled by a 4.5-liter V8, with a five-speed manual transmission, so there ought to be sufficient snort and mobility to move the team around in any sort of landscape.

Highlights incorporate composite ballistic plates that measure half of standard guards, a siren/PA framework, a removable wire work on top of the windshield and windows, outer view cameras with electronic night vision frameworks, various border firearm ports, and two escape hatches.



DB4 GT is reborn

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An Aston great returns for an encore.

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