Inside The Archives With Tudor

We will warn you right now – this one gets nerdy. But, we mean that in the best possible way. Over the past few years, there has been an increased interest in the historical watches from the Tudor Watch Company – no doubt due to the fantastic modern watches shown by the brand. We’re talking […]

Inside The Overseas Collection With Vacheron Constantin Artistic Director Christian Selmoni

Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin’s Artistic Director, has, as they say, watchmaking in his blood. He’s the fourth generation of a family of watchmakers hailing from the Vallée de Joux, although when he first joined Vacheron Constantin in 1992, it was as Purchasing, Planning & Manufacturing Director. He assumed a more direct creative role in 2001, […]

A Visit To NOMOS Glashütte

Late last year, our trusty producer, Will, and I had the joy of traveling to Germany to visit the folks from NOMOS Glashütte – a brand that is no stranger to us at HODINKEE, or you, as readers of HODINKEE. NOMOS is a small independent watch brand of roughly 260 employees based in Berlin and […]

Reference Points: The F.P. Journe Tourbillon

There is not a more fascinating watchmaker in the world than Francois-Paul Journe. He is indisputably talented, a savant-style technical genius who cares not for the traditional pleasantries that are typically associated with being a watch industry executive. This is likely because he is not in fact a watch industry executive at all – F.P. […]

The Road Through Britain: Robert Loomes

In July of this year, HODINKEE embarked on a 12-day journey around Great Britain to explore all things British horology – from the current state of watchmaking to the depths of timekeeping history. European Editor Arthur Touchot and Senior Digital Producer/videographer Will Holloway, along with drone specialist Mauro Bellanova, logged over 1,400 miles, heading north […]

The Road Through Britain: Bremont Watch Company

Until now, this series has focused on watchmakers with rather small clienteles. But there are others In Britain hoping to convince larger audiences, and perhaps even, challenge the Swiss in the long term. One such company, which you’ve probably already heard of, is Bremont. In this week’s episode, we visit the company’s facilities in Silverstone […]

The Road Through Britain: Somlo Antiques

If you want to purchase a vintage Omega timepiece from an authorized dealer, there’s literally only one shop in the entire world that can help you: Somlo Antiques. The little shop located at the northwest corner of the Burlington Arcade has very little to do with British watchmaking – other than the fact it’s owned […]