A House Is Not A Home.

A Chair Is Just A Chair When No One’s Sitting In It.
Bertoia Two-Tone. Plug
The images blue background stands alone and singles the chair out in such a adamant way so the veiwer can achieve to get a good look at the chair


Red Decor in any room always makes a room come to life. Red represents blood, passion, seduction, danger, anger and adventure. Red also brings out the Energy in most of us

The Sky Has Lights

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Skylights and windows always make any room pop


Understanding light is what @lightsyuk represents.
We thank LIGHTSYUK for their inspiration into light

Lead Yourself

Don’t trust anyone with your future but yourself.
Be in control of your destiny if not you’ll resent whomever you ever trusted to lead. God will lead you not man. Bedroom design unknown but very cozy feel

New Mexico Modernized

When you dream big, dream with passion, desire and focus. Then draw it in your mind and then live it. Nothing can stop you but you

Minimalist Living

Minimalist Living // HOME LIVING
When all that’s needed are the clothing on your back, toothpaste, toothbrush and grape juice. You are all set if you’re a minimalist. Compact prefabricated homes are in for 2016. Posting this from Salt Lake