Lovely Kiaaa

A repost I had to recognize. *** Published image in @darkbeautymag *** Model: @_lovelykiaaa
Makeup: @jamespenniephotography
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Lead Yourself

Don’t trust anyone with your future but yourself.
Be in control of your destiny if not you’ll resent whomever you ever trusted to lead. God will lead you not man. Bedroom design unknown but very cozy feel

Gives You Chills

Sometimes life calls for complete peace. Do what life tells you and you’ll be happy

Clean Up Get Fresh

Housework can’t kill you, so take a chance.
Deliver yourself from your mess. Whether it’s a bad habit, bad behavior an indecisive mind. You can clean it all up by working on it daily, hourly, by the minute. Take the risk you have nothing to lose

All Black

All Black Surf Boards // Stuff // Style // Splurjj
I’ll stop loving black when they invent a darker colour