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Knight Rider Comes To Mind.

The Expectations Changed

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Pure And Clean.

Architect Eric Keune’s Chicago Penthouse

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Cenzo Leather Duffel Bag



Guys we’re not saying this is the Duffel bag you should be carrying. We are saying gentleman should only be sporting the best leather Duffel bags you can get your hands on. A men’s leather Duffel bag not only looks good but it displays elegance. Get your hands on one if you don’t have one apart of your travel gear.

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A Bag That Speaks

A Gentleman should carry the credit cards in his wallet. A Lady should only have her cosmetics with her to remain beautiful for him for the night. Splurjj with no remorse

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How Style was Created

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Style was made by the people who love clothing

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Do You Know The Difference?

Do you know the difference between a Suit Jacket Blazer and a Sport Coat? If not read this.

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