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Scenes From The Christie’s Rolex Daytona ‘Lesson One’ Auction

We’ve already told you about the incredible $13 million Rolex Daytona sale that took place this past week in Geneva. Fifty watches were sold, fifty records were set. The excitement in the air was palpable, and now you can get a little taste of what it was like to be there for yourself. Enjoy. For more, go to


A Conversation With Sir Jackie Stewart At The 2013 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance

Sir Jackie Stewart is a living legend. He spent nearly a decade competing in Formula One, winning three world championships, became a well-known television commentator for the sport, and worked to make F1 safer for drivers even after his career was over. He is also a Rolex Ambassador and at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance we had a chance to sit down with Sir Jackie to talk about his early days of racing, his very first Rolex, and why we can’t help but love a good car. For more, visit


Talking Watches With Alan Maleh

Alan Maleh is a collector. He’s a collector of art, of furniture, of classic automobiles, and of watches. He’s also the founder and publisher of an upstart magazine called Man of the World. Hot on the heels of the release of its seventh issue, Maleh’s brainchild has become among the most interesting, creative, and talked about publications in the world for its unrelenting look at craftsman and artists doing things the old fashioned way, coupled with incredible archival original and archival photography. Maleh and his magazine are both particular and unabashed in their focus, and today I am proud to present you an inside look at this taste-maker’s personal wristwatch collection. This is Talking Watches with Man of the World founder Alan Maleh. For the complete story, go to:


The Thirteen MilSubs Of Grahame Fowler

Grahame Fowler and his West Village shop are a bit of a New York fashion institution. He is universally revered for his earnest designs, top-tier taste, and a quality rarely found in men’s clothing of today — his eponymous label is designed and produced right here in New York City. He sells hand-made boots by Trickers and Oak Street, and the kind of vintage Levi’s and Barbour jackets that would make McQueen proud. Grahame Fowler is the real deal. And so is his watch collection. For more, go to


Reference Points: The Rolex Paul Newman Daytona

In the second installment of our Reference Points series we will tackle perhaps the most discussed family of watches in modern timepiece collecting. This watch is as infamous as it is famous, it’s as dangerous as it is beautiful, and valuable as it is rare. I’m talking about nothing short of the Rolex “Paul Newman” Daytona, and here we will explore the six references of this absolutely legendary timepiece, as well as go into its history, ups, downs, ins and outs. This is everything you ever wanted to know about the Paul Newman Daytona.

Full story here:


Talking Watches With Spike Feresten

If you know comedy or if you know cars, you know Spike Feresten. Spike has been a mainstay of the American comedy scene for upwards of two decades – getting his start as the receptionist at Saturday Night Live (where he earned the nickname “Spike”) before becoming a regular writer for SNL, focusing heavily on the then Dennis Miller-hosted Weekend Update. He would go on to write for Late Night With David Letterman and eventually end up as the author of several of the most iconic episodes of the most iconic sitcom in history. I’m talking about Seinfeld, and Spike’s episodes include “The Soup Nazi,” “The Wig Master,” and “The Muffin Tops,” just to name a few. Like I said, iconic. For the full story, go to


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