Me All The Way.

Firestone has been known from keeping you covered to keeping formula 1 racing covered. Under pressure
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The White House

dva arhitekta designs a contemporary house as a nod to the vernacular homes that make up this Croatian neighborhood/ Plug

Mall Day Trip.

Chanel Bleu. 2nd best selling Fragrance
Bought this today at’s.


Cardboard Boxes.
This Lexus was handmade from 1,700 pieces of cardboard. Not only creative but unique. And no, it can’t be driven

Cigars On Ice.

Malo Culo.
ADDICTIONS by @don_d_whitman for @ellementsmagazine | Makeup by @kenyehart Model Eva Harris
One of Ellements Magazine Captures. Checkout their magazine you’ll find several pieces that catch your eyes attention. To be attentive is to be in love

Lovely Kiaaa

A repost I had to recognize. *** Published image in @darkbeautymag *** Model: @_lovelykiaaa
Makeup: @jamespenniephotography
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Men’s Essentials

Men’s Daily Essential Tools // Needs //
Grooming oneself is a must for the gentleman. Remember a Lifestyle is maintained
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Thee Nude Nerd

No matter what it is that you want in your life or what kind of life you’d want to live. If you aren’t tempted by it, it’s not for you. Spend with no remorse. Work with no remorse.
LUST isn’t always a bad thing. @thenudenerd

New Mexico Modernized

When you dream big, dream with passion, desire and focus. Then draw it in your mind and then live it. Nothing can stop you but you

Clean Up Get Fresh

Housework can’t kill you, so take a chance.
Deliver yourself from your mess. Whether it’s a bad habit, bad behavior an indecisive mind. You can clean it all up by working on it daily, hourly, by the minute. Take the risk you have nothing to lose

Bourbon Brothers

Bourbon Brothers // LUST // Poison
Stop trying to make it work. Start trying to make it epic