Take the World but Give me Jesus

In the world alongside a generation that tells lies and says they’re truths, wear tattoos to proclaim loyalty and isolated the use of love to simply a quote, we should demand more than only the world now. We as a society of men are insufficient. We accept less from ourselves and that’s what we end receiving from others in the core of our circles. Look, the Bible says for what you give out will be given back to you.

So, start your damn day off with a hardcore workout, no mediocre bullshit that wouldn’t awe yourself let alone others. Write a 1700 word article not to just amuse others but to inspire and motivate for greatness. Luke 6:38 — For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

So gents I say, you can take back all that the world has given me and leave me with Jesus and I’ll multiply what I formerly had solely with him as my head. We are creating a life upon legacy to be retained not a one night stand kind of life that you will forget by the fracture of the morning.

You remember that scene in Scarface where he looks up at the Goodyear blimp lit up with the words

“The World Is Yours”.

Run out into the world and blazon what’s already yours. We have so much more we can offer ourselves and others. Receiving only the world you are not asking for much and are limiting yourself. You don’t have to chase after something that is already yours. Follow the lord, allow him to lead you through to greatness and receive the world and then some.






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