The All New Lexus LC 500

The Lexus LC 500 will arrive in showrooms next year and you can be assured that this car is awesome. This car is personally is loved by the CEO of Toyota. When handling corners on turns it soaks up the curves. The engine is super in this car so you can’t go wrong with your purchase in 2018. This car is made up of two keywords seduction and technology.

Seduction is nice and elegant looking while technology is kind of cold creating an organic stylish vehicle. 3 LED super small unit headlights to compete against the market for 6 series BMW and the Maserati GT’s engines sound make this Lexus the real deal so be prepared for it’s expecting in 2018. Rear wheel drives low platform and drapes at the front. Lexus has a hit on its hands and this car is impressive to be a luxury coupe.


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