Product Photography. BMX Book Launch.

Not many people know this but before I took a jab at the street hustle, poked on computers or invested in any businesses I too were a freestyle street rider that started out riding in the early 80s with my brother Karriem “Remo” Dyson.

This dude is pretty known locally in NYC and may be kenned in other cities. We’ve, well he’s ridden beside Dennis McCoy back in the late 80s when street riding could be life threatening if you did any roguing back then, I was young and slowed them down pretty much.

Product Photography. BMX Book Launch.

I do remember The Birth Of Freestyle and fell in love with it like I fell for Hip-hop back then. SPLURJJ supports the WALL TO WALL project and hopes you will. Watch the Vid below so you can get a feel of the project at source.

Images courtesy of Dom Phipps



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