Think Maui Before You Arrive

As I began to write this I want to first say it takes a lot of courage to face some of the life’s experiences that can potentially hurt you and leave you stranded with no future dreams and that dreaded feeling of moving forward with what most would call normal but I refer to as an average lifestyle. I’m on flight aa432 flying into Maui and I’ll touch down by 3 PM this afternoon. That leaves enough time for me to pick up my car rental, a special vehicle is what my itinerary from Alamo car rental says. You have a choice to pick any car I’m assuming from a compact vehicle to a full-size vehicle.

Kind of a stretch huh? Yeah, I know, so with my luck, I’ll be straggling my feet like Fred in the Flintstones while my friend sits comfortably in a tiny compact no longer than my 6’3 stature, cause she’s small but complaining how I’m whipping around these Maui twisted cliffs in this compact minute structure so dangerously, speedily down Hana highway. Basically, she’s vigorously scared! Before I go any further I want to tell you to never ever give up on your life.

You were born to have an amazing life experience so you can tell your stories to your grandchildren and customers throughout your day. Each phase, level or stage you go through in your lives please learn from them, study them to recreate them to be even better as the years turn into beautiful aging. For instance, right now all I can think about is banana bread banana bread banana bread.

I know you’re wondering why? Well here’s why. Maui has this small hole in a wall banana bread spot called Julie’s banana bread that’s too off the charts to be called the best and rather just call it my favorite. So why banana bread and what does it have to do with recreating? Well, the first time I had it was 2 years ago as a non-Hawaiian experiencer.

I return today with enough experience under the belt to make this visit to Julie’s even better and I must. Returning back to Maui during adversity that sits home awaiting my return, although, I’m in no rush to get back to it. You have to have control over your life. Know when you’re saying no and mean it. Don’t let things get out of hand because you fail to be honest with yourself and others.




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