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Made from the same water-resistant polyurethane/polyester material as their signature raincoats, the Rains Backpack is the smart way to transport your stuff when everything is covered in snow or there’s a downpour outside. Slender and minimal in design, the flap that covers the main compartment snaps into place with magnets, with a hook closure offering added security. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket and a back pouch for laptops, while a separate zippered pocket on the back remains hidden, providing discreet and more secure storage for your phone, wallet, or other important items.

Height: 19″ / Width: 11″ / Depth: 3.5″ / Capacity: 14.3L

In stock and ships free with easy returns.

, Rains Backpack | Uncrate, , https://uncrate.com/p/2018/02/rains-backpack-01.jpg, https://uncrate.com/rains-backpack/

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