Yeti Tundra 50

Yeti’s Tundra 50 doesn’t just hold 35 cans it makes them do what it does. So, if you’re expecting to keep drinks cold for a big game or game day tailgate Yeti is the product you need to be using. I didn’t know much about Yeti until my girlfriend who works in management for a huge multi-million dollar company had put me on to Yeti.

Through her having to manage a manly workforce filled with dudes, she tends to come across a lot of rugged stuff I must say. The bad boy of coolers starts out with a chest that goes by Roadie 20 that can hold 16 cans all the way up to 259 cans if you purchase the Tundra 350. It’s your choice to hold beers or pop or do both why don’t you. Yeti products come in various colors so every owner has his own unique Yeti product that suits his style.

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